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Life is sometimes hard, and sometimes wonderful, but all of us need someone that understands and supports us in those trials and those triumphs. Someone who has been there, done that, felt the pain, cried alone, and yet conquered and grew after all!

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September 12, 2021

     Maybe you have witnessed this or even experienced this, but why do people use the handicap parking spots when they aren't supposed to or even use someone's handicap placard when they are completely capable of walking the distance?  

      Hopefully you will never half to use handicap parking, but if you ever do, you will have a new respect for the need of convenient parking.  Maybe I notice this more because I am somewhat handicapped.  I can't walk from the back of a parking lot to a store.  Oh, and don't park in the area dividing the handicapped spots.  This is marked off so that a wheelchair can be lowered from a van or a person using a wheelchair can get through.  They need that added space. 

      Most places of business don't provide that many spaces for the handicap.  PLEASE leave these for the people that really need them.

September 6, 2021

      The only thing that holds us back is ourselves.  We often think, but don't do.  We dream, but don't follow through.  We wait for something to happen or for someone else to get us started.  

      The reason that I know that this is true is because this has happened to me.  I waited for years to be motivated by someone else.  A lot of my years were wasted.  Finally someone saw the potential in me and helped me realize that I had something to offer and that other people might just benefit from my knowledge and experiences.

       DON'T WAIT.  You may have just what it takes to volunteer or to start a website or to write an article for a magazine that might help someone else.  I have submitted several articles, but none have been published --yet.  That's not going to stop me.  Even the best writers have been turned down several times before a YES occurred.  Do some self-examination.  Get busy and don't waste any more time. 

August 26, 2021

       Our world is in so much unrest right now.  It is hard to even imagine what some people are going through.  With wars and disasters and sickness, we have to be so grateful if we are not experiencing any of these.  These times are like we have never seen before and I pray that we never do see.  

       Hug your family and let them know how much you love them and appreciate them.  Life happens and it is not perfect.  We just have to concentrate on the good and be thankful for what God has given us.  

       Do all that you can do to stay healthy and safe.  TAKE CARE.

First Corinthians 10: 13 basically says that God will never give you more than what you can handle.  Be comforted in this knowledge..

August 14, 2021

       There are two words that we should use in our daily life, either mentally or verbally.  The two words are YES and NO.  Saying YES to more opportunities may just make us more productive and happier.  Saying NO may also make us more productive and happier.

        We stay on the fence about decisions so much of the time.  We contemplate and worry instead of making a decision.  Sometimes the more we think about a situation, the more confused we become.  Yes, we need to think about the outcome of our decision, but making an early decision saves us stress and worry.  Many times I have thought about a topic for days and still came up with the solution that I had initially decided.

        YES, let's decide today to make our life less stressful and NO we will not let worry control our life.

August 4, 2021

        Hello to everyone.  I have been out of town for a few days, but hope to get back on a schedule now.  Seeing family and friends is always a cherished and wonderful trip.  Because of COVID-19 , I hadn't seen my family for almost three years.

      Treasure your family and friends.  You never know if you will be able to be together again.  Enjoy your time together.  With COVID-19 getting bad again, we are all vulnerable.  TAKE CARE!

July 16. 2021

        Many years ago, a friend shared a life lesson with me that I would like to pass on and I hope it will be helpful to you.

        At the time I was working in a flower shop.  He came in and ordered three bud vases with two roses and baby's breath in each.  I asked what the occasion was and this was his reply.  "When I am having a bad day and things aren't going the way I had planned, I do something nice for someone else and it always makes me feel better."

        I have never forgotten this.  By doing this and brightening up someone else's day, you have taken your mind off of your problems.  We often get so caught up in our own life that we forget about others..

       We all have difficult days, but so do others.  Brighten their day with something special.  It will brighten your day also. 

July 10, 2021

        A  personal note----I have just finished writing a children's book.  It hasn't been illustrated yet and I don't have the publishing details worked out, so it will be a while yet until it is released.  I will be traveling soon to talk to someone about illustrating  the book.  I am very excited about this adventure.  Who would have thought that at this age, (77) I would have the courage to pursue this dream?  (It was the encouragement of my friend that gave me the confidence.)  

       Not every dream can be accomplished at every age.  I certainly wouldn't try water skiing now, but I always dreamed of doing that.  Standing on my head for some reason, was something that I wanted to accomplish, but was never able to do. 

       The point of this is to say,  FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.  You never know what you can do, UNLESS YOU TRY.  And ALWAYS encourage others to pursue their dreams.  YOU CAN DO IT !!! 

July 4, 2021

        This forth of July appears to be more free and healthier than July Fourth of 2020.  It seems like years since we were able to travel and get together with friends and family, even though it has only been months.

        If you are able to celebrate in some manor, be thankful and safe and enjoy your time together and the freedoms that you do have.  We all have blessings in some form.  If nothing else, celebrate those blessings, even if you don't celebrate July Forth.


June 26, 2021

        Life is an experience and it most defiantly is unpredictable.  I was playing a game the other night with some friends.  One of them said, I had a plan, but it's not working out.  Life is like that.  We may have a plan, but we have to be prepared for detours and changes.  It's how we handle these changes that set us apart from other people.

       It is an easy way out to just give up.  It's not always easy to pick ourselves up and find another solution.  But finding another solution we must.  CAN'T NEVER DID ANYTHING.  If we say that we can't do something, we ARE giving up.  Plan "B" most likely will be better and more beneficial to you anyway.  A solution just might come along that you hadn't even thought of.  Grab it and take that chance.  GOD HAS A PLAN.


June 16, 2021

        We all have dreams.  Some dreams come true, but some don't..  Be thankful for the dreams that do come true that make your life happier and more productive.  Maybe the dreams that don't come true would have been destructive or harmful in some way.  We tend to get impatient in waiting for something that just doesn't happen.

      Gods plan for our life is bigger than any dream we may have.  He knows the outcome of our dreams and knows what is best for us.

      Yes, dream, but be content in the outcome.  Be content knowing that everything happens for a reason.  Be content in knowing that you are blessed and that you are also someone else's blessing.  Let this be a comfort to you. 

June 6, 2021

        Hopefully this finds everyone doing well.  This is a very trying time.  Life is certainly not normal as we have known it from the past.  COVID 19 has changed so many things in our lives.  Beautiful moments happen everyday though.  We don't always see these moments.  But we also don't always look for them.

      Let's concentrate on looking for the positive in our lives and for the beautiful moments.  Even in the darkest times, light can shine through.  It may only be a quiet  moment or a smile or a phone call, but let's just separate these moments from the anguish and enjoy.  We owe this to ourselves and we deserve it.  ENJOY A MOMENT FOR YOURSELF.

( I want to apologize for the pictures missing on some of my posts.  There was a glitch in the system and they may be gone for good. )

May 25, 2021

        You never know when an opportunity comes your way to do an act of kindness.  You just may be someone's real live angel.  Just a smile or holding a door for someone may be what that person needs for them to know that someone cares.  Don't ever hesitate to be kind even when you may feel down or depressed.

       "Kind" is a four-letter word that is never expressed enough.  Not only should we be kind to others, be kind to yourself.  We can be our own worst enemy.  We can be so hard on ourselves.

        Love yourself.  We all have wonderful qualities.  We just choose not to see them sometimes.  By loving yourself, you can more effectively  love others.  Kindness to others will come automatically.  We are all God's children.  He loves us so that we can love others and be kind to them.

                                         PAY IT FOWARD!!!

                   (Be sure to check out ODDS and ENDS page 2.)

May 9, 2021


Whether you gave birth, were a step Mother,  foster Mother , or comforting Mother, you have been important in someone's life.  Enjoy  your Special Day!!!!!