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Life is sometimes hard, and sometimes wonderful, but all of us need someone that understands and supports us in those trials and those triumphs. Someone who has been there, done that, felt the pain, cried alone, and yet conquered and grew after all!

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May 27, 2023

       My granddaughter had a quote on her time line this morning by author Becca Lee, that I really like and we can all learn from---


                                 If we seek peace, be still.

                                 If we seek wisdom, be silent.

                                 If we seek love, be yourself.  

       From my standpoint, I know this is not always easy to accomplish.  Our lives get so busy and complicated., it's hard to carve out time for ourselves.  Be kind to yourself and start by giving yourself five minutes a day to have quiet time.  Even if you have to go in a room and lock the door.  Then strive for ten minutes a day.  Close your eyes and go to your imaginary place.  Mine is on the beach with a margarita.    

       You have to prioritize yourself and your time or you won't be valuable to anyone else.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  MAKE IT A GOOD DAY!!  




May 18, 2023

      "Patience is a virtue."  At least that is what I have read, but it's not easy at times.  As I have reported, I fell and broke the lower part of my eye socket.  How does one do that?  Just a split-second trip over an object.

      Now comes the patience.  Double vision, no bending, no lifting, no driving, no sneezing. etc.  For an active person this is unbearable, but "It is what it is."  Patience, as described in the dictionary, is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.  This has not been easy, but I am doing it.

      Surgery was preformed after a delay, and I am getting better each day.  Wearing an eye patch has also been a challenge.  

      Inspiration has come in many  ways.  Friends, family and neighbors have been so generous and so helpful.  Wherever  you see a need and can give a helping hand, be there for that person. 

      God's patience with us has been indescribable.  Let's practice patience each day, ESPECIALLY WITH OURSELVES.       



April 29, 2023


       INSPIRATION.  We never know in what form we will receive inspiration.  I read something today that I couldn't have said any better and I want to pass it on to you.

                The past has made you wise.

                Challenges have made you strong. 

                Setbacks have developed your stamina.  

                Problems have supersized your solution-finding savvy.

                Experience has given you every reason to feel confident.

                You've got the right stuff to live any dream.

       You are better than ever.  Life has made us stronger than ever before.  Life most likely will never be perfect, but let's perfect our thoughts and actions.  WE CAN DO THIS!  Practice makes progress.



April 23, 2023


                Today is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. 

       We all have times of feeling that life is not treating us fair.  We have times of life standing still, but in the midst of our feelings, there is hope and new beginnings---AND LIFE.  

       Life has been a challenge for me over the past few weeks.  A bad fall.  Navigating with just seeing out of one eye.  (It does make a huge difference.)  Canceled surgery after waiting for hours.  Now possibly a new challenge.  Disappointing to say the least, BUT I still look at these life changes as a blessing.  Maybe a new issue is being discovered that could save my life.  I have always felt that an event happens to prevent something worse from happening.    

      A friend told me that I was handling my situation well and with a good attitude.  Well, God is guiding.  He is making the decisions.  I always know that He is directing the best path for my future.

                   This time of my life is just a bump in the road.




April 6, 2023

     "Adversity" is a word that is very much in my vocabulary right now.  That split second a few days ago will be affecting me for months.  I will be having surgery on my eye socket in the near future.  In the meantime, there are so many restrictions.  You don't realize how much you do day to day until you are not allowed to do certain things

      Be very careful and don't take unnecessary chances.  That split second just might change your life forever.

      I am trusting God and His wisdom and I know everything will be okay.


March 24, 2023

  Hello to everyone,

      You probably won't be seeing a post from me for a few days.  I fell and broke my eye socket and will need surgery.  This was sort of a freak accident, but that split second  sure can change your life.  Surgery hasn't been scheduled yet as swelling needs to go down first.  

      I will try to keep you posted as to the progress, but for right now, I am just adapting to the situation.  One doesn't realize the DON"TS until you experience this type of trauma.  Don't bend your head down.   Don't blow your nose, ---heaven forbid you should sneeze!  Don't lift anything.  Sleep with your head above your heart.  It goes on and on. 

      I have wonderful neighbors and friends and family who are taking care of everything for me including the cat.  I am so grateful and blessed.  Please keep me in your thoughts.  This may be a long process.  

  Love you all

  June Elaine    

March 18, 2023

       My cat, Taffy, has been such a comfort to me.  She loves unconditionally and is always here for me.  Just now, I was struggling as to what to write about and she came to me to be held.   Animals sense more than we can imagine.  If I don't feel well and lay down, she is right beside me.

       Let's do our best to love unconditionally.  At times it's not easy and almost impossible, but if we take baby steps, WE CAN DO IT.   There is always a good quality somewhere deep inside a person.  We just have to be persistent and try to find it.

       I have some challenges too in loving certain people.  I have even asked God to love them when I couldn't.  Let's work on this together.  It may take awhile, but we CAN learn to love unconditionally. 

March 7, 2023

       TURMOIL.  According to the dictionary, turmoil is defined as-tumult, commotion, uproar and/or confusion.

       For some people this is a way of life.  Unfortunately, they deal with these emotions on a daily basis.  Naturally they are unhappy and stressed.  I don't feel that there is just a single answer to the problem.  Counselling is one solution if they find a counselor that they feel comfortable with and is dedicated to their issue.  Sometimes a person  must separate themselves from the situation.  I don't mean running from it, but time away to think about  the problem objectively.

       It is a shame, but I feel that most of us have an issue of some kind that we deal with that would come under the title of TURMOIL.  For some, it may be physical.  For others, it may be mental.

       Life is just too short to live this way.  Let's do whatever is needed, within reason, to make our life happy.  TRUST GOD!  HE will help you through any difficult time.

February 23, 2023

       MAKE YOUR MESS INTO YOUR MESSAGE!   We don't escape life without some difficulty at some point in our life.  Use that experience as your message to others.  It just might help them face a difficult time a little better and help them make better decisions.  

       We don't live life without some kind of problem.  At least I don't know of anyone who does.  Even the most wealthy and most known people have faced adversity at some point.  Some people won't admit it, but no one has a perfect life.  

       Believe me, I have had some very difficult  times to recover from.  Through my website and first book, I hope that I have helped at least one person or even made someone realize that they are not alone in their difficult time.  STAY STRONG and don't be afraid to let someone else know that you have had some hard times.  Give them the message of your mess.  God will see you and them through the storm.

February 8, 2023

       Life is sometimes like a peanut shell.  At times we find a nut in the shell and sometimes the peanut shell is empty.

       How does this relate to life?  In a relationship or friendship, maybe there is no substance,  It is empty.  But in some relationships and friendships, we find fulfillment and happiness.  Yes, sometimes a little nutty also, but we are happy.  

       Concentrate on what is happening.  If a person makes you unhappy and worried, and brings your mood down, it's not worth pursuing.  So much of the time a first relationship is so flattering that we can't see beyond our immediate feelings. 

       Take a step back and assess the situation.  You may need to speak to a parent or advisor or a trusted  friend, BUT WITH AGE, COMES WISDOM.  Choose wisely  who you ask for advice.  Some people are just as confused  about their life as you are.   Examples of their life is always a good guideline..

       Remember, there are lots of peanuts out there or as some people say, there are lots of fish in the sea.  CHOOSE WISELY!       

February 2, 2023

       Try something new!  It could be an activity ,or even something that you have been dreaming about, but challenge yourself.  Some new adventures can even be intimidating.  But no matter how old you are, YOU CAN STILL BLOOM AND LEARN!

      I published my first book at 73.  I hadn't  really  had the opportunity or encouragement or support before that.  I challenged myself and have been writing ever since.  Just start with a small challenge.  A rose is just a bud before it becomes a beautiful flower.  

       Don't let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish a dream.  YOU CAN AND WILL.  Just keep trying.  Remember we can all still bloom at any age.

January 21, 2023

       Think about this---ANXIETY AND WORRY CAN TURN YOU INTO AN EMOTIONAL PRETZEL.  Look at a pretzel and this statement makes sense.  Even looking at a broken pretzel, we can compare this to an emotion we are feeling.  When you buy a bag of pretzels, they are never all whole pretzels.  Our lives are this way.  Our lives are never perfect and whole.  We may see someone who appears to have a perfect life, but trust me, there is something in their life that is broken.

       Do your best at life.  Nothing is perfect and no one is perfect.  Most of the time, we are our toughest critics.  Life happens.  Circumstances happen.  Some things we have control over, but some things are out of our control and out of our reach.

       Remember this---WORRY IS THE OPPOSTITE OF FAITH.  Let's try to have faith in our decisions and in our life.  Remember that there are broken pretzels in every  bag and there will be broken events in our lives.  Embrace these events and be gentle with yourself.

January 14, 2023

       It is so easy to dwell on past problems and difficulties.  We tend to hang on to hurt and emotional happenings.  It's hard to let go.  Maybe family members have disappointed us.  Maybe we are hurt by a neighbor's actions.  Our world is full of challenging situations.

       Why are we letting these feelings occupy and control our actions?  I recently heard a saying that I like and I hope we will all try to remember and adhere to---"Don't begin today with broken pieces from yesterday."  I don't know where the quote came from, but it's powerful and such good advice.

       God gave us SO many blessings.  We may be hurting emotionally or not know how to deal with a situation, but let's do our best to let go and accept a new beginning.  LET GO OF THE PAST.  After all, it is the past.  Let's look to the future and the adventures and new feelings we will encounter.  IT'S NOT EASY, BUT WE CAN DO THIS,  including myself.

January 10, 2023

      Tabitha from Seattle--Thank you for your email.  If you would send me your address in my email, I will send you a book.  June Elaine

January 7, 2023

      At times in our life, we don't feel it, but there are more miracles than struggles.  Hmmmmmm- I have had days that I don't feel like there is a miracle happening.  Some days feel full of struggles, but we get consumed by the struggles and fail to look for the miracles.

      Miracles are all around us.  We are breathing.  Hopefully we have family and friends.  Hopefully a home, and food to eat.  I know that there are some people who don't have these blessings and hopefully it's not by choice.  If it is by choice, they are missing the miracles of life.

      Let's take the opportunity to look around and witness our miracles.  This New Year just might bring the best miracles of our life.  Enjoy the good.  Don't focus on the bad.  Count your blessings and be open to miracles happening in your life.    MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!!


December 30, 2022

       Broken homes and broken families are on the rise and so very sad.  It is reported that over 37 percent of families are affected.  Personally, I think that number just might be higher than that.  Unfortunately, if there are children involved, they are the ones effected the most and they have no control over the situation.  Many children grow up with only one parent to support and encourage them.  Sometimes a child must choose between parents.  Is this fair to the child?

       The breaking up of a family also affects their friends.  Friends are most likely expected to choose sides with more hurt occurring.  Friends and relatives are caught in the middle.

       Is there really enough time spent on repairing a broken home?  I understand that not all marriages or partnerships can be repaired, but the adults must do their best to repair the damage in a relationship.  Maybe more thought should be given to having children.  The children are the innocent ones.

       I have always said adults with children have to make sacrifices.  You brought this child into the world, now do what you have to do (without spoiling them too much) to be a good example and to direct them on the right path.  

                                  Check Odds and Ends page 2


December 24, 2022

       Happy  holiday season to all.   Enjoy  your family and remember time is going fast.  Make the most of the time you have. Enjoy!!!

December 19, 2022

        Hello to all.  I hope this finds you well and that your family is well also.

       Our  area, as well as many other areas across the world, is suffering from loss of one kind or another.  Many people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus this time of year and remembering loved ones by the giving of gifts.  I just want to take this opportunity to reiterate that;  IT'S THE THOUGHT, NOT THE COST, of the gift you give.

       You can do an act of kindness or bake a small item or just give your time to someone or to charity.  JUST BE KIND!  Remember the Golden Rule--DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.

       I hope and wish for you clarity and kindness this holiday season.  If you do not celebrate the season, celebrate each other.   

November 30, 2022

       Can you believe that another year is almost over?  It seems that time goes faster each year, and especially faster the older you get.

       Take whatever time you can to spend with your family.  Friends come and go, but family is always there for you. You may have disagreements and may even become estranged for some reason, but you were given particular family members for a reason.  Try to embrace them and enjoy them as you can.

       Some family members need to have space to work through their problems.  All we can do is to be patient and that is often not easy.  Turn the problem area of your life over to God.  He will carry you through the hard times.  Be kind to yourself.  It takes two people to build that friendship bridge.  Be ready to build your half, or in some instances, more than half the bridge.  Be willing to compromise.

                                    Enjoy the rest of 2022!!

November 21, 2022

      There are many situations going on in the world right now.  War, shootings. viruses, homelessness, starvation, murders, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and many more tragedies are affecting millions of people.  Hopefully you are not experiencing any of these. 

      COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!  We may not have the life that we have always wished for, but we are blessed in so many ways.  At this time of year, do your best to just think positive.  Our blessings may be small, but smile and enjoy them.  Look around, it could be worse.

     If you have any way to help someone else, you will be blessed for doing that.  God always sees our endeavors.  If and when you celebrate Thanksgiving--- ENJOY!!  

                               I am thankful for each one of you. 

                                            Love, June Elaine

November 18, 2022

      A big big thanks to everyone for the emails that have been sent to me.  It means so much to me to know that I am reaching many people in different parts of the world.  

      Love to all. 

      June Elaine


November 16, 2022

      Opportunities always outnumber any obstacles.  We may not think so at times in our life though.  Sometimes situations seem so overpowering that we just don't see the opportunities.  We become blinded by the negative.  But if we just look around and count our blessings, we can see the opportunities.

       Day to day life is strange in the way that it affects us.  We get so caught up in our problems that we don't take time to just say; but I have good in my life and the opportunity is mine for grabbing and nourishing.

      We all must think more about the positive aspect of our life.  Negative thinking gets us NOWHERE.  Positive thinking brings us HAPPINESS and FULLFILLMENT. 

      Especially at this time of year, lets be thankful for the opportunities God has given us. 


November 3, 2022

      Time is like a river.  You cannot touch the same water twice.  Once time has passed, you will never get it back either.  Make the most of the time that you have.

       Hopefully am not alone in the fact that I do waste time sometimes.  We all need down time and time to relax, but like yesterday, I really didn't accomplish much.  Some days we just don't have the energy that we do other days.  If you have children, you are busy almost constantly.  I've been there.  I understand.  A list of what you want to accomplish, or need to do, always helps.   It helps you to organize your day.  Priorities need to be established.  

      On your list of things to do, schedule time for yourself also.  Just close your eyes and relax for a few minutes.  Meditate or have a cup of tea or coffee.  Most importantly, YOU ARE A PRIORITY ALSO!!

October 25, 2022

       I have a dear friend whose husband recently passed away.  This is a sad time and hard enough to adjust to.  This is a very difficult time for her as her husband had done everything for her as far as bills, financial information, household problems and making decisions.  She is a wonderful person, but it is their culture to take care of the woman.  She doesn't have answers now.  

      The point that I want to make is that no matter your partner's gender, you need to know the foundation of your relationship.  You need to know financial information and arrangements.  You need to know what bills come each month.  You need to know what insurance companies and contacts to reach in case of an emergency. 

      I could go on for sometime.  YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW YOUR BUSINESS RUNS.  Your commitment or marriage is a business.  Think of yourself as the President or Vice President.

      I was fortunate that I always handled the bills.  But other information I had to discover, and sometimes the hard way, when my husband passed away.  You have to know how to take care of yourself.  As I have said many times before---YOU CAN DO THIS.  Go to someone you trust or an adviser for help.  This is important for YOU.

October 22, 2022

       It's a beautiful day!  Everyday is beautiful in its own way.  Thank you, God, for another day.

      It may  be cold outside or sunny, rainy, snowing, or so many other conditions, but we have been given another day.  It could be a lazy day or a busy day, but we have been given another day.  Another day to tackle a chore that we have been putting off or finishing a chore that we started some time ago. 

      Let's make the most of the day.  Most of us waste too much time.  I say "waste",  but we need time to relax also.  I'm not good at balancing my time.  I was so busy as a young Mom that I am enjoying my retired time.  Do what you can when you can.  Rest when you can steel a few minutes away.  BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!  You will appreciate it---and others will too.  You will be a nicer person! 

October 15, 2022

     Take the opportunity,  HUG YOURSELF.  HUG YOUR PARTNER.  HUG YOUR CHILDREN.  HUG YOUR FRIEND.  For that matter, HUG A STRANGER.  Show your love for the blessings you have.  There is and most likely will  always be negatives in our life.  We can overcome these negatives by seeing the positive first.

      I will admit, it is not always easy to see the positive.  I struggle with this at times.  I didn't grow up with positive feelings around me.  BUT --I have always tried to show my children and the people around me positive encouragement and the bright side of life.  The glass is always half full.  We may have to look at the situation more than once, but the positive is always there.

      For instance, my one leg is mostly metal and is shorter than the other leg and I use a cane.  BUT I have two legs and two feet and I can walk.  Not everyone has this advantage.  I know that this is a positive.  God has blessed me.

October 9, 2022

     COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.  Most people don't know what they have until it's gone.  Show your family how precious they are and how much they are loved.  Our possessions are "just things."  Maybe we didn't need them or maybe they can be replaced, but life can't be replaced.  

      The devastation in Florida is unimaginable.  People have lost everything.  Family pictures and family possessions that have been passed down through the years are gone.  A lot of people didn't have insurance because of priorities.  One lady was quoted as saying, "it was my husbands health insurance or house insurance."

      Keep all who was affected by hurricane Ian in your thoughts and prayers.  Hundreds of thousands of people were touched by this storm.  We can and we will come back stronger than before though.  Just remember to count your blessings.  We are all blessed in so many ways. 

October 6, 2022

     I just wanted to let you know that I am okay.  My son and daughter and families are okay also.  My son and myself escaped with no damage, but my daughter has minor damage.  The hurricane was massive and the destruction is unbelievable.  About 3 miles from me is an over 55 mobile home park.  They lost everything.  Hurricane Ian is called the worse storm in 500 years.  It's width was 500 miles across.  Wider than the state.  

      A causeway to one of the islands was destroyed.  The people there are now getting supplies by boat.  A lot of people don't have power yet.  I was without power 6 days.  All I can say is--this was a very scary experience.  We had winds up to 157 miles an hour.

      We are so grateful for the people that came to help.  Power companies came from 30 states with about 21,000 personnel to help. People from the Army Reserve are here.  

       I am posting one picture that I took yesterday.  This doesn't begin to show the destruction.  Pray for our area as well as Puerto Rico and the other islands that were struck.

       Thank you for your prayers.  June Elaine

September 26, 2022

      Hello to all my friends

I planned to post a message to all my friends today, but instead I am preparing for a hurricane approaching our area.  This is a very serious situation as I have been through hurricanes before.  Many of my viewers have also.  If you may be affected by hurricane Ian, PLEASE take proper measures to be safe.  I hope to be in contact with you soon.  TAKE CARE

      June Elaine

September 16, 2022

      We have been given so many gifts in our life.  We haven't begun to realize what all we can accomplish.  We have been given experiences and our wisdom has developed.  We are capable of so much more than we know. 

      I use "WE" because it has taken me years to realize the gifts and talents I have been given.  (And I'm not finished yet.)  You have opportunities to develop and grow your thoughts and your happiness and your dreams.  You can make a difference in your life and in the life of others.  

                                             WE HAVE TO LOVE!

      I will admit that it's not easy to put ourselves first, but we deserve it.  In order to be good for other people, we have to be good for ourselves.

                     Love yourself and your love will flow to others.

September 10, 2022

      Negativity seems to be a happening and contagious action in our society.  Very few people see the glass as half full.  A lot of people see the glass half empty.  I feel sorry for them as they are missing out on so much.  In receiving a gift, the comment is often "well , I certainty can't use this" instead of "how thoughtful of you."  The person giving the gift has put thought into it.   Accept it with a smile and a kind word.   Even if you can't use the gift, why hurt their feelings.

      If a nice dining experience is mentioned, there is always the one person who might say that they don't like that restaurant.  If a food is mentioned, they don't like it.  If a town is talked about, they don't like it for some reason.

      Consider this; there is something good in everything.  You can always find something positive in every situation.  LOOK FOR IT.  Why hurt someone's feelings when it's not necessary.  Would you want your feelings hurt?

September 4, 2022

      Have you ever faced a disappointment in your life?  Most of us have at one time or another.  Life happens, and I think that facing disappointment is part of life.  It may be disappointment in how our mate reacts to a situation.  It may be in a friend's response to an action or the response of a neighbor.  Even our children can disappoint us at times.

       We may feel completely alone, BUT THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  Give yourself some space and time to think it through and talk it over with someone that you trust if possible.  Time heals.  Don't react immediately.

       Most likely it is not the first time of disappointment and it probably won't be the last.  But you can handle it.  And just remember that you are not the only one who has faced disappointment.  You may be able to comfort someone else because of your experience also.  

                                       YOU CAN HANDLE THIS!! 

September 1, 2022

      Beauty---Sometimes we don't know it, but our beauty shines for someone else to see.  It may be a smile or a wave or a good deed, but someone else will see it and it will brighten their day.  We never know who we may reach just by being kind.

       Believe me I know that beauty and kindness are not always appreciated, but I keep trying.  One form of beauty is listening.  I have been told that I am a good listener.  Maybe that's part of my kindness to others.  Some people tend to interrupt a person who is talking.  To me that means that someone is not really listening or they would let the other person finish their thought.

      This may be insignificant, but to the person talking, and maybe bearing their soul, they see the beauty in the person listening.  Your beauty is always shinning.  YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON.  

                     Be sure to check out Odds and Ends page 2.

August 27, 2022

      Thank you all so much for the emails from around the world.  It means so much to me that you are reading these articles.  I care and we all must face life.  Thank you again.  June Elaine

August 27, 2022

       Life is a challenge.  Maybe not for some people, but for most of us.  Unplanned events, sickness, bills, and emotional challenges, I could go on and on.  Sometimes it is a challenge to just get up in the morning and face the day.

       I think we all have these days. and thank goodness this doesn't happen every day of our life.  We were never promised a life without problems and hardships, but we can be strong.  We can face each task as it comes along and breath in between. 

      Take full advantage of a day that goes smoothly and enjoy it to the fullest.  Do something nice for yourself.  It will revive you and facing the next problem won't seem so difficult.  Just remind yourself that you are not the only person that faces challenges.  It happens to most of us.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are strong and you got this.  

                                             YOU CAN DO THIS!

August 22, 2022

       Check out my new video on, About me / Videos!   Enjoy! 

August 21, 2022

       As we get older, our memory seems to start slipping.  There are many jokes about forgetting, and unfortunately, most of them are true.  I do tend to go into a room and forget what I was going for.  I am trying to think of a word and I can't pull it up from my memory bank.    Later during a conversation with someone, I blurt out the word that I was trying to think of.  At some point, I know that I will remember.  We don't dare be so hard on ourselves.  We are not alone.

       In the past, I made some jokes myself about forgetting.  Someday I would be able to hide my own Easter Eggs---because I wouldn't remember where I hid them.  Or I could read the same book more than once, because I wouldn't remember that I had read it.  

       This happens to most of us.  I do remember directions (for the most part), and important dates.  And I do remember my name.  LOL

      Enjoy life, it's not going to be perfect.  LIVE LIFE, LAUGH LOTS, AND LOVE MUCH. 


August 14, 2022

       Almost everyone has a toxic person in their life.  It may be a person who is always negative, but still seems to be your friend.  Or a relative who is always criticizing you or what you do.  If you have never dealt with this situation, you are very fortunate.

      Studies have revealed that about 80 to 85 percent of people have at least one toxic person in their life.  Dealing with a person like this is certainly not easy.  We have to get stronger.  BE STRONG.  Tell them how you feel.  If they can't accept it and leave your friendship, this is only better for you.  You don't need the negativity.

       I will admit that it's harder with an in-law or another relative.  In a kind way, tell them that they have hurt you and that you need to clear the air.  Let them know what makes you uncomfortable.  Life is challenging enough.  We don't need toxic people or negative events in our life.

                        YOU are in control of you life.  BE HAPPY!

August 7, 2022

       Maybe some of the past has been stolen from you, but you are in control of your future.  Looking back you may feel that a parent or relative or someone from a relationship took part of your life from you..  If that did happen, just remember,  IT IS IN THE PAST.  Look ahead now.  You are in control.

      It's not always easy to dismiss thoughts from the past.  I know first-hand that is true.  We have to be determined and optimistic to better ourselves;  to change our lives so that the future is ours to enjoy.  

      Step by step we can and will adapt and enjoy our new found freedom from the past.  We can conquer our negative thoughts.  Remember,  THE PAST IS IN THE PAST.

"The past is in your head.  The future is in your hands."  --- Unknown

July 31, 2022

       Age is just a number, or so people say.  As you get older you appreciate each day more and more.  When you are young and have a career and or family, you are most likely free of aches and pains.  When you get older, aches slowly set in.

      We keep going the best we can.  We may become limited on what we can do, but moving our body is always good.  Sometimes I just stand in one place and move my body to music.  Walking is good, but some of us can only walk so far so we have to find other ways to move.

      My message is to enjoy whatever exercise you can do.  It is so good for your body and mind.  And an old saying is "it clears the cobwebs" so move and if you can, get outside in the fresh air and don't forget to "smell the roses."

                                              Ponder this ---

   "The 40's is the old age of youth and the 50's is the youth of  old age."

                             Victor Hugo-Author and Playwright

July 21, 2022

       Life is a progression.  There are small and large events that  make up our day-to-day life.  Some events are happy and beautiful while others are sad or uncomfortable.  Unfortunately, most of the time we tend to remember the negative ones.

       Try to rid your mind of the negative events in your past and present.  Nothing is perfect, but let's concentrate on the positive.  Today is a new day and we can make it a good day., at least we can do our best.  

       Smile and hold your head up and let's tackle the day.  We have been given another day.  Some people haven't.  MAKE IT  A  HAPPY DAY!

"Train your mind to see the good in every situation.  It may be hiding, but it is there."  Unknown 

                       Be sure to check out Odds and Ends page 2.

July 9, 2022

       Another day!!  It's always nice to wake up to another day.  We should be grateful and thankful that God gave us another chance to do something good for Him or someone else in the world.  We may  be limited in what we can do, but just complimenting someone or smiling at them just might make their day better.  And it will make God smile also.

       We tend to limit ourselves at times.  Sometimes the world gives the impression that everything and every action should have a dollar amount  associated with it.  NOT TRUE.

       Yesterday a friend  called me.  I more or less listened for forty-five minutes.  They needed to talk as they were going through some turmoil.  It was a comfort for them to have someone just be there and care.

       You have great abilities.  You can do things that no one else can.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!  With God, all things are possible.  (Mark chapter 10 verse 27)

July 3, 2022

       Something very sad and disturbing happened to me this week.  I had been thinking about an old friend for several days and then I had a dream about her.  I decided to call her, but when I went to get her phone number, I couldn't find it.  (I assume that I'm not the only one this happens to.)  Anyway, I pulled up Google on my computer.  That is my "go to" for so much information.

       When I put her name in, I didn't get her phone number, I got her obituary.  I couldn't believe it.  I put her name in a few times thinking I had made a mistake.  No mistake though.

       The point I want to make is this--don't wait to make contact with old and new friends.  Time goes by so fast and things happen so quickly.  Even if you just send a text or a note saying "thinking of you."   MAKE CONTACT. 

       This situation has bothered me so much.  We had known each other over fifty-five years, but had been separated because of jobs.  Please keep in touch with your friends.  You will not regret it.

June 25, 2022

       In this age of technicality, I think I missed the boat when it docked at that class.  I understand some terms and some procedures, but talk to me as if you are talking to your grandmother.  Basic terms are what I understand and even then, I question some.  The young people today are very knowledgeable and I admire that.  My eleven-year-old granddaughter has complete control of her I-pad and cell phone.  She has been able to answer questions about them for some time.  I am still struggling with texting, but I know who to go to if I have a question. 

       Something that I have really been struggling with is the menu options on every call to a business.  What ever happened to talking to a real person?  My concern is not listed on the menu.  Pressing number one or two doesn't get me to a person, just another option and so on.  Does anyone else just give up? 

       We must try to educate ourselves as this is the future.  The technical age is here and will become even more advanced.  We can't and shouldn't stop progress.  I will try harder and will try to be more patient.  God has given many the ability to see the future.  We have to do our best to adapt and learn.  WE CAN DO THIS!!!! 

June 10, 2022

       Enjoy your time and make the best use of your time to your ability.  When you are young you think of your future and the things you want to accomplish.

      When you are older and retired, you think of the things that you didn't accomplish and now may not be able to physically or financially.  So much of the time I think  of the things "I should of, would of, or could of done." differently if I could do time over.  We don't get do overs so I just want to encourage you to not just dream or think of things you would like to do---do them while you can.

      Make your dreams a reality the best you can.  Don't look back at your life with regret.  NEVER STOP DREAMING.    


June 7, 2022

      Someone said to me the other day, I wouldn't be seen with a cane.  I use a cane.  It's not because I want to--I need to.  The use of a cane assists my mobility and my safety.  Of course, I would love to get around like unimpaired people do, but because of accidents, I can't.

      Exercise compassion and understanding for the handicap.  I don't know a person around who wouldn't prefer to have complete mobility and to not need some assistance.  Thank goodness equipment is available for those of us who need some help to get around..

      There are people who need the help of assistance, but are too proud to be seen with equipment of some kind.  If you can prevent a fall or slip, use what's available to you and do it with your head up and your attitude positive.  We are very lucky to be able to get around each day.   A lot of people cannot.  

      REMEMBER, it takes only a second to have an accident that most likely will change the rest of your life.

                         Check out the Odds and Ends page.

June 4, 2022

                                  IT'S NOT EASY BEING A PARENT

      Our children have no concept of our love for them or our worries for them.  As they get older, they think that they are making the right decisions, but they haven't developed or matured to the point that they are capable of always making the right decisions.  We try to give them warnings without scaring them, BUT do they always listen?

     We  just have to do our best. We don't have all of the answers.  The outside world is making their decisions also and those decisions are not always good.

     Just comfort yourself with the fact THAT YOU DO THE BEST YOU KNOW HOW.  Trust God to help you with the decisions you make and trust God to watch over your children.


June 1, 2022

      Do you ever feel yourself being pulled in several directions and you can't keep up with the demands of your life?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

     There is an old saying, "stop and smell the roses," and one that I use often "just breathe."  Day to day life can get so busy and so hectic that we forget to do this.      

      Even if you only have a few minutes a day for yourself, close your eyes, clear your mind (not easy, believe me I know,) and listen to the quiet and just breathe.  We need to get in the habit of doing this a few times a day.  It just sort of refreshes the mind.  If you feel that you don't have time to do this, start out by just doing this once a day and then work up to a few times a day.

      We can do this and do whatever we need to do.  JUST BREATHE and STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES.

May 15, 2022

     Our journey is not clear, but let's keep moving forward to see what the path brings.

     Our days bring unexpected adventures.  Some adventures we enjoy and some we don't, but a lesson is learned from each one.  We wouldn't be where we are today if the lessons hadn't occurred.

     Think back to where you were several years ago.  Have you learned and grown mentally and emotionally?  I think everyone whishes that they would have done some things differently, but we didn't know better.  We have become wiser and we have used these building blocks in life to become the person that we are today.  Would of, could of, should of, should be left behind.  Let's move on.  We are still learning and becoming better each day.  YOU GOT THIS!!!!

          Check out Odds and Ends 2.  I have a helpful hint there.


May 6, 2022

     HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the "Moms" out there.  Some gave birth and some didn't, but they have been a big influence in our lives.  Let them know how much you appreciate them this Mother's Day.  Make it a beautiful day for them.

May 5, 2022

                                A thought for you to contemplate:

       Some people have a key to their heart which they open willingly.  Other people have a combination lock on their heart and they never give anyone the combination to come in.

       It's sad, but some people never free themselves to welcome others and feelings into their heart.  Yes, sometimes it hurts, but sometimes a blessing occurs that a person would never have known.

       We have to be willing to experience the hurt and the blessing.  Most of the time the blessings outweigh the hurt.  Focus your time and attention on the good.  Let people into your heart and welcome their thoughts and feelings.  You will be the blessed one.

April 22, 2022

      Even though you may have doubts at times---YOU ARE A SURVIVOR!  Even if you have been through hard times -- you are still here.  If there have been stumbling blocks along the way--you are still here.

      Life throws us challenges.  We pick ourselves up.  We don't have a choice.  We keep going.  Some of us have children or siblings or friends watching us.  Show them that you can survive whatever comes your way.  

      YOU ARE A SURVIVOR.  YOU ARE A CHAMPION!  Pat yourself on the back and declare to yourself that nothing will destroy your determination.

                                                 GOD BLESS.  

April 17, 2022

       To those who celebrate Easter---HAPPY EASTER.  Enjoy time with your family and friends.  

April 7, 2022

                   SMILE-SMILE-SMILE!!!!  IT'S CONTAIGIOUS!  

      This is an inexpensive way to make people happy and to pay it forward.  We never know when a smile just might change someone's attitude and make them feel better.

      Of course, right now with some wearing masks ,it is not always easy to express oneself.  But, even a wave or just lower your mask for a second and smile ,can make someone's day.

       We are in a questionable time of history.  So many  people are feeling the pressure of just surviving.  Do what you can to make someone feel better.  YOU WILL FEEL BETTER ALSO!


March 24, 2022

       Hopefully everyone is well and surviving the times.  This is not an easy time for most.  Food prices are up.  Gas prices are up.  The price of buying a house or paying rent is going up.  And the situation in Ukraine and other countries is so unsettling.  Even though we may get quite discouraged over these matters, we must remember that most of our lives could be much worse, and so many of us are going through the same situations.

       Keep praying and believing and hoping for a solution to all of these circumstances.  When we look at past history, we see many  events that compare to now or have even been worse.  We CAN and WILL  survive this. We just have to make adjustments to our lives.---AND BELIEVE. 

                   Be sure to check out Odds and Ends 2.

March 8, 2022

       Pray for our world, it is in such a mess right now.  Leaders of countries are issuing threats and conducting powerplays.  So much fighting and loss of life.  Innocent people all over the world being affected.   We are all being touched in some way.

      We have had a very challenging couple of years with the pandemic and now the world is in such disagreement.  Where is it going to end?

      LOVE your family.  PRAY for our leaders.  DO UNTO OTHERS  AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.

February 22, 2022

      I am repeating a  very early posting, but it's a message that maybe we should hear again.

      Life is not always fair.  We work and we do our best, but then something takes place and we feel like we are going backwards.  We are spinning our wheels and not getting ahead, or accomplishing what we set out to do.

      Step back and look at the situation.  Maybe we are going in the wrong direction.  You know, it's not always easy to admit, but we can't always be right.  Sometimes we reach a stalemate.  Maybe we are supposed to go in a different direction or maybe we are being protected from a negative event.  

      We have to trust our instincts, but also be willing to look at all of the possible angles.  We just might come up with an even better solution. 

February 6, 2022

      YOU CAN'T HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE.  It may be a relationship or your job or a friend.(?)  If it is a one-way street, and you are the only one driving, it can be  a very lonely journey.  You may be the only one who is giving time and energy to the situation.

       We do our best to make areas of our life work because we feel responsible or are invested or obligated.   Are we doing ourselves a favor by not recognizing the truth?

       I am not suggesting that you give up or run away, but maybe stop putting all of you energy into something that has no future.  Maybe it is time to try a different approach.  Evaluate your life and determine where you need to put your energy.  Remember, you can't hang on to what you don't have.  (Please read Odds and Ends page 2.)

January 28, 2022

      People come and go in our lives.  We take it for granted that they will be here tomorrow..  That's not always the case.  Some get sick or an accident happens.  Life can change in a heartbeat.   The older you get, the more this occurs.  I have had so many people enter my life only to leave too soon.

     My parents and siblings and other close family members and close friends have all died.  We don't know how long the plan is for us to be on this earth.

     Enjoy your family and friends.  If you have disagreements with them, confront it and make it right.  Tomorrow is not promised.  Today is a gift.  Unwrap it and make the best of the time that you have.  It just may be cut short.

January 26, 2022

      I want to thank everyone for their emails.  It is wonderful to hear from each one of you and to know that my messages are getting out there.  I will keep posting as long as people are responding with positive acceptance.

Thank you again and God Bless You All.  June Elaine

January 25, 2022

      Recently I heard a saying that I really like and I think that each of us should read it slowly and over and over again to ourselves.

                "Imperfections don't stop diamonds from shinning."

      We all have imperfections, but we must shine in our own way.  We all have talents and abilities that are ours alone.  We are given those so that we can better ourselves and contribute to our family and friends.  God doesn't make mistakes.  He has given us so many advantages that we don't nourish.  We need to cultivate ourselves and bloom.  There is so much "good" inside each of us. 

      Take a good look at yourself.  There is so much self-worth there.  You ARE a diamond.  GO OUT INTO THE WORLD AND SHINE. 

January 17, 2022

      Relationships can be beautiful and sometimes challenging.  We are humans born without instructions on how to nourish and care for another person.  Relationships are kind of like playing cards.  Sometimes we have a winning hand, but  we don't always play it the way we should.  If we are lucky we get a chance to be dealt a new hand that we can play.

      Be smarter when playing that second hand.  Think it through.  If you really care, you will play your second hand better than the first.  If you really care and you know that there is shared love, you will always try to understand the other person's feelings.

       We haven't been given the tools to completely understand another person.  God gave us all feelings.  Understanding them and dealing with them are not always easy, but can be very rewarding.

January 8, 2022

      2022.  Is this the new normal?  Is COVID going to be part of our life from now on?  From what Scientists and Doctors predict, COVID may always be part of our lives. We have to be faithful in our being careful.  Too many people are being careless in protecting themselves and others.  When I go to the grocery store, maybe 10 per cent of people are wearing their masks.  Just because a person has been vaccinated or has had COVID, doesn't mean that they can't get COVID again or carry it to someone else.  

      I hope travel can survive.  Cruise ships and airlines have invested billions of dollars in making our lives more enjoyable and more convenient.  They are trying to survive, but because of people's carelessness, they too have suffered.

       We are all victims of COVID.  We want to resume our family get togethers, shopping trips, travel, sporting events and concerts. If we all work together, this can happen.  REMEMBER, GOD IS BIGGER THAN ANY PROBLEM.  Trust Him and do your part.  Let's get back to "normal."

December 31, 2021

      Another year has come to an end.  Can you believe how fast the months go by?  This has been a challenging year.  We wonder if COVID 19 will ever be over.  There are still people who refuse to take the pandemic seriously.

      Everyone has the right to believe how they want, but do they think of others?  There are those of us who have a compromised immune system and could easily be infected with disastrous results. Do some people even care?  We all can't stay in a bubble.  We still have Doctor appointments and groceries to get.

      I am asking those who aren't vaccinated to please consider other people around them.  My family and friends are all praying for a young man in the hospital CCU right now.  He is only 35 with two young boys and is fighting for his life from COVID.  

     We can conquer this pandemic if everyone does their part.

December 26, 2021

     Be sure to check my  'ABOUT 'page for videos that have been added.  A new addition with more to come.  Enjoy and have a Great New Year!!!! 

December 22, 2021

                                Quotes from Epictetus

Epictetus was a Greek Stoic Philosopher born 50 AD:

"No man is free who is not master of himself."

"Don't explain your philosophy.  Embody it."

"There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will."

'First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak."

"Seek not the good in external things;  seek it in yourself."

"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants."

                                Great advice for all of us.

Have a Great Holiday Season and remember the reason for the season.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

December 11, 2021

      Do the demands on yourself seem too high at times?  We tend to do that.  But wait, we can only do and be so much.   If we are content with ourselves and our surroundings, other people will see that in us.  

      We never know what someone is seeing and experiencing from our actions and from the way we live our life.  We can't be and never will be the answer to everyone's expectations of us, but we need to be the best example that we can be.  Treat yourself with gentleness and kindness and others will see that quality in us and maybe it will change their life.

       Gentleness and kindness,  especially at this time of year, is welcomed and such a gift to others and to ourselves.  Be thoughtful and kind to yourself and those around you.

                         REMEMBER THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. 

November 23, 2021

      Be thankful for the blessings in your life.  Even in difficult times, we have blessings to be thankful for.  At times we might have to search for our blessings, but the blessings are there.

      Every morning when I wake up, I thank God for another day to witness the beauty around me.  So many people don't take time to look up at the sky or to see the moon at night.  Even the rain has beauty and serves much needed nourishment to crops and flowers and grass and animals.  The snow is beautiful in its own way.  Beauty, in so many ways for us to enjoy and to be thankful for.  

      We just have so much to be thankful for, but so many people don't take the time to really see what is around them.  Find something new today to enjoy and to be thankful for.

                           WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSIBLE. 


November 6, 2021

     Another unusual year, but it's almost Holiday time.  Time for family and friends to get together.  Maybe this year will be better than last year.  We can only hope that our family and friends are healthier and safer this year.

     It's also a challenging year as far as supplies and merchandise, but just remember the real reason for the Holiday.  We are blessed in so many ways.  We can get together and we can worship as we choose.  Not everyone in this world can say and do as they please.

     Count your blessings and smile and be kind even though it is not always easy.  REMEMBER, TOUGH SITUATIONS DON'T LAST, BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO.


October 23, 2021


     What do you do when you don't know what to do?  I don't have the answer, but I wish I did.  We don't always have past experiences to call on.  We ask ourselves "what if" and "maybe if" and "should we."

      Life is sometimes a guessing game.  We may not have the answers, but trying something new sometimes works and is a lesson for the future.  We have to trust our instincts and knowledge.  A decision may not work out, but that is a learning experience also.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  We do our best.  Can we ask any more than that from ourselves?  Just remember--WE ARE NOT PERFECT.

October 19, 2021


     Hopefully everyone is doing okay.  Just when we think that the Covid-19 is getting better a new strain is rumored.  People are taking more unnecessary chances.  Even when a store request masks to be worn, a lot of people don't, as they think that they are immune.  Even though you have been vaccinated, you can still catch the virus.

      Protect people around you.  You could be carrying the virus and some people have immune deficiency and are very susceptible.  We still have to go to doctors and buy groceries.  Help us stay healthy.

      Get your shots and wear your masks.  Let's get rid of this pandemic.  We want a normal life again, but if people don't do the right thing, this virus could go on for years.  DO YOUR PART !!!!  

October 10, 2021


   Just checking in to see how everyone is doing and hoping that your day is going well.  Some days are better than others, but it's what we do with each day that makes it a good day.  An easy day can be a great day and at times a very busy day can be a great day.

        Enjoy each day.  We have been given a gift of another day.  Take it and do your best to make it great.  COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.

October 5, 2021

         Hi everyone.  A friend sent me something this morning that I wanted to share with you.  This is beautiful.

            Charlie Chaplin lived for 88 years.  He left us four statements:

               (1) Nothing is forever in this world, even our problems. 

               (2) I love to walk in the rain because no one can see my tears.

               (3) The most lost day in life is the day we don't laugh.

               (4) Six of the best doctors in the world:  1. Sun 2. Rest 3. Exercise 

                      4. Diet 5. Self-respect 6. Friends . 

       Keep them in all stages of your life and enjoy a healthy life...If you see the moon, you  will see the beauty of God...If you see the sun, you will see   the power of God...If you see a mirror, you will see God's best creation. So, believe it.  We are all tourists, God is our travel agent who has already defined our routes, bookings and directions...trust Him and enjoy life.  Life is just a journey!  So, live today.  Tomorrow may not be. 

           Charlie Chaplin - English comic actor, filmmaker and composer

        We all need to read this several times and remember these words.  To me this is priceless.  Have a great day  and LAUGH!!!


September 28, 2021

      Happy Tuesday!!  Some days are happier than others.  We get up and start our day.  Everything seems fine and then a clumsy moment happens or we get bad news or plans change or we become disappointed by a friend.  These unfortunately  happen and are out of our control.  How we handle these situations are what makes us who we are.

       We can get angry and upset, but we are only  hurting ourselves.  We can withdraw into ourselves, but how does that solve anything?  The situation has already happened.  It is in the past, leave it there.  Look into the future.  You want to feel better so find a way to accomplish that.  Call a good friend, read a good book, start a new project around the house or--this one can be dangerous--go shopping.  Get out and get moving.  There are wonderful opportunities to experience.  HAVE A HAPPY DAY !!!

September 21, 2021

      Do you sometimes feel that joy has left you?  Stress and rough patches seem to challenges us on a daily  basis.  It's hard at times to see the bright side of an event.  The challenges are at times outweighing the joy and happiness in our lives.

       Believe in joy.  It will  always return to us in some form.  There are times in our lives that we really have to look hard for the joy.  The joy may be in a smile or in a butterfly floating across some flowers, or maybe just  seeing the flowers will bring us joy.

       The old saying "stop and smell the roses" is a good guideline to live by.  God gave us beauty all around..  We just need to look for it.  THE JOY WILL RETURN. 

September 12, 2021

     Maybe you have witnessed this or even experienced this, but why do people use the handicap parking spots when they aren't supposed to or even use someone's handicap placard when they are completely capable of walking the distance?  

      Hopefully you will never half to use handicap parking, but if you ever do, you will have a new respect for the need of convenient parking.  Maybe I notice this more because I am somewhat handicapped.  I can't walk from the back of a parking lot to a store.  Oh, and don't park in the area dividing the handicapped spots.  This is marked off so that a wheelchair can be lowered from a van or a person using a wheelchair can get through.  They need that added space. 

      Most places of business don't provide that many spaces for the handicap.  PLEASE leave these for the people that really need them.

September 6, 2021

      The only thing that holds us back is ourselves.  We often think, but don't do.  We dream, but don't follow through.  We wait for something to happen or for someone else to get us started.  

      The reason that I know that this is true is because this has happened to me.  I waited for years to be motivated by someone else.  A lot of my years were wasted.  Finally someone saw the potential in me and helped me realize that I had something to offer and that other people might just benefit from my knowledge and experiences.

       DON'T WAIT.  You may have just what it takes to volunteer or to start a website or to write an article for a magazine that might help someone else.  I have submitted several articles, but none have been published --yet.  That's not going to stop me.  Even the best writers have been turned down several times before a YES occurred.  Do some self-examination.  Get busy and don't waste any more time. 

August 26, 2021

       Our world is in so much unrest right now.  It is hard to even imagine what some people are going through.  With wars and disasters and sickness, we have to be so grateful if we are not experiencing any of these.  These times are like we have never seen before and I pray that we never do see.  

       Hug your family and let them know how much you love them and appreciate them.  Life happens and it is not perfect.  We just have to concentrate on the good and be thankful for what God has given us.  

       Do all that you can do to stay healthy and safe.  TAKE CARE.

First Corinthians 10: 13 basically says that God will never give you more than what you can handle.  Be comforted in this knowledge..

August 14, 2021

       There are two words that we should use in our daily life, either mentally or verbally.  The two words are YES and NO.  Saying YES to more opportunities may just make us more productive and happier.  Saying NO may also make us more productive and happier.

        We stay on the fence about decisions so much of the time.  We contemplate and worry instead of making a decision.  Sometimes the more we think about a situation, the more confused we become.  Yes, we need to think about the outcome of our decision, but making an early decision saves us stress and worry.  Many times I have thought about a topic for days and still came up with the solution that I had initially decided.

        YES, let's decide today to make our life less stressful and NO we will not let worry control our life.

August 4, 2021

        Hello to everyone.  I have been out of town for a few days, but hope to get back on a schedule now.  Seeing family and friends is always a cherished and wonderful trip.  Because of COVID-19 , I hadn't seen my family for almost three years.

      Treasure your family and friends.  You never know if you will be able to be together again.  Enjoy your time together.  With COVID-19 getting bad again, we are all vulnerable.  TAKE CARE!

July 16. 2021

        Many years ago, a friend shared a life lesson with me that I would like to pass on and I hope it will be helpful to you.

        At the time I was working in a flower shop.  He came in and ordered three bud vases with two roses and baby's breath in each.  I asked what the occasion was and this was his reply.  "When I am having a bad day and things aren't going the way I had planned, I do something nice for someone else and it always makes me feel better."

        I have never forgotten this.  By doing this and brightening up someone else's day, you have taken your mind off of your problems.  We often get so caught up in our own life that we forget about others..

       We all have difficult days, but so do others.  Brighten their day with something special.  It will brighten your day also. 

July 10, 2021

        A  personal note----I have just finished writing a children's book.  It hasn't been illustrated yet and I don't have the publishing details worked out, so it will be a while yet until it is released.  I will be traveling soon to talk to someone about illustrating  the book.  I am very excited about this adventure.  Who would have thought that at this age, (77) I would have the courage to pursue this dream?  (It was the encouragement of my friend that gave me the confidence.)  

       Not every dream can be accomplished at every age.  I certainly wouldn't try water skiing now, but I always dreamed of doing that.  Standing on my head for some reason, was something that I wanted to accomplish, but was never able to do. 

       The point of this is to say,  FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.  You never know what you can do, UNLESS YOU TRY.  And ALWAYS encourage others to pursue their dreams.  YOU CAN DO IT !!! 

July 4, 2021

        This forth of July appears to be more free and healthier than July Fourth of 2020.  It seems like years since we were able to travel and get together with friends and family, even though it has only been months.

        If you are able to celebrate in some manor, be thankful and safe and enjoy your time together and the freedoms that you do have.  We all have blessings in some form.  If nothing else, celebrate those blessings, even if you don't celebrate July Forth.


June 26, 2021

        Life is an experience and it most defiantly is unpredictable.  I was playing a game the other night with some friends.  One of them said, I had a plan, but it's not working out.  Life is like that.  We may have a plan, but we have to be prepared for detours and changes.  It's how we handle these changes that set us apart from other people.

       It is an easy way out to just give up.  It's not always easy to pick ourselves up and find another solution.  But finding another solution we must.  CAN'T NEVER DID ANYTHING.  If we say that we can't do something, we ARE giving up.  Plan "B" most likely will be better and more beneficial to you anyway.  A solution just might come along that you hadn't even thought of.  Grab it and take that chance.  GOD HAS A PLAN.


June 16, 2021

        We all have dreams.  Some dreams come true, but some don't..  Be thankful for the dreams that do come true that make your life happier and more productive.  Maybe the dreams that don't come true would have been destructive or harmful in some way.  We tend to get impatient in waiting for something that just doesn't happen.

      Gods plan for our life is bigger than any dream we may have.  He knows the outcome of our dreams and knows what is best for us.

      Yes, dream, but be content in the outcome.  Be content knowing that everything happens for a reason.  Be content in knowing that you are blessed and that you are also someone else's blessing.  Let this be a comfort to you.