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My Nugget For Today

September 14, 2017

      Do you have weeds in your garden? My own personal space (my garden) has had many weeds over the years.
   The weeds tend to get domineering, influential, bossy, and very controlling.    

   How did I break free of this situation?  It took a close death in the family to make me realize that I did have a mind and thoughts that were worth sharing.  

   Over the years, I became more submissive to this controlling power.  It was easier to agree than to stand up for myself and my thoughts.  Even though I thought my agenda was worth hearing, I stayed inside myself.  

   Were my ideas worth hearing--yes, they were.  Was my self worth, warranting exploration--yes, it was.  Inside I knew I was a good person.  It just had to be brought out.  God and a very good friend have helped me to achieve my mental freedom.  It is wonderful to express myself and know that what I say is worth hearing. It is wonderful to talk and to be respected.

   This new found freedom was in me all along.  I just had to have the confidence to trust God and to follow wonderful advice that encouraged me, not crushed me

My Nugget For Today

October 7, 2017

      How does one handle rejection? Rejection comes in many forms. As a child, I was rejected, because love was not expressed in my family.  I didn't feel close to any family member because of it. As an adult, I was rejected, but because of some of the rejection, I put myself down and did not respect my own opinion or self worth. Now as a senior citizen, I know I am God's child and I matter as much as anyone else does.       I am proud of the fact that I'm my own person. No one can take that away from me.

My Nugget For Today

November 1, 2017

      Why am I here on Earth?  I hope that my life here on Earth has made an impact upon someone. I've not set out to change someone's life,  but maybe I have influenced or encouraged someone in their journey. My life hasn't been easy, but I have tried to keep my eyes on God and to do what He wants me to do. Do I ever get angry-- of course! Do I ever do what I want to do instead of listening to God? The answer is yes. It is hard to always do the right thing.  The devil makes his appearance and tries to get us to do what he wants. 

      If we just listen to the quiet voice of God, we know what is right from wrong.

My Nugget For Today

November 10, 2017

     Don't ever give up hope.  Depression and resolve should never be part of a person's vocabulary.  Sometimes it is, thru no fault of their own.  Sometimes depression is a medical issue, and sometimes it is brought on by the people around us.

   Oftentimes wrong decisions are made and we feel like we have to live with them, whether we feel a religious reason or a situation that we feel trapped in.

   I was in the Winter of my life when I finally had the chance to make a break from old feelings and live.  I finally met someone who encouraged me and saw the potential in me and loved me for me.  What a feeling of life and hope and freedom and pure enjoyment.

   I may not have that many years left in this life, but the years are full of hope and contentment.  The next life will even be better.  I am practicing for the next life by enjoying this life.  Smile at someone else for no reason.  It may be the only smile that they receive this day.  Help someone, for they may not know how to ask.  Doing this will only make you happier and a better person.

   Never give up hope, for yourself or someone else. 

My Nugget For Today

November 12, 2017

        Life is like water.  We experience ripples and waves. A little ripple is over in a short time, but sometimes a wave can get fiercer and stronger as days go along.  We don't  always know how to handle or endure a wave.  It might be a spouse or child or a friend.

   We worry and even lose sleep.  Sometimes talking is not welcomed or even listened to and certainly not accepted. I have even thrown weird words into a conversation and the person that I am talking to doesn't even realize it, why, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT LISTENING, nor do they care.

   How can we handle this?  Busy oneself with something else.  Why waste our breath.  We can ride this wave even though we feel like we are drowning at times. God has a plan and He is in the wave. 

Thank You For Your Emails and Inputs!

November 13, 2017

    I do appreciate all of your feedback.  Enjoy and let me know if you would like for me to address a certain concern.

My Nugget For Today

November 14, 2017

    We are all gifts to ourselves and to others.  We just have to be unwrapped.  Layer by layer we become the person that we are intended to be.

   We may not see it at first, but we are all different and great.  We must go inside ourselves before we can come out and know who we are.

   I was beaten down, emotionally, for most of my life.  It took the loss of close family to realize that I was a strong person, and a valuable person, and that I should be heard.  First I had to work on myself.  I had to learn to like myself. I made decisions, rather right or wrong, and stuck to them. I made myself talk to a stranger, even if it was just hello. I went out to eat with friends even though I would have rather stayed home. My home was my cocoon.  Like a butterfly, I had to free myself.

   This isn't easy. Don't let anyone tell you differently. It takes time. You have to take baby steps, but finally you are walking and maybe even running with confidence.

   This is all done with God at your side. Remember the Footprints In the Sand? You may only see one set of footprints--God is carrying you.  You may see two sets of footprints--God is walking beside you.  Day by day you practice and finally succeed in becoming a confident person. You not only like yourself, but other people like you and respect you. 

My Nugget For Today

November 16, 2017

        Do you remember when your children were young and you dreamed of your future?  You thought of times when they would be adults and successful on their own. You and your spouse could finally have time to yourselves and could do things that you had only dreamed of for years. It seemed so attainable at the time. Your daughter would become a Doctor and your son, even though he didn't like school, would be in some kind of trade and would be happy.  

     You didn't see the hiccups along the way. The course of their lives, and yours, changed in ways that you had never dreamed of.  Marriages, relationships and sickness crept in and changed everything. You still loved them, but had to accept and deal with their decisions.  Could you have changed the outcome, maybe, but you taught them to think for themselves and to make their own decisions.  You had to put them in God's hands and pray that they would be guided in the right direction. 

      As they grew up and time spun on, faster and faster, you came to appreciate them more and the life that you and your children had made.

     Nothing is perfect. Life throws us curves. We have to go with the curves and learn the lessons that are being taught us.  A wise person once told me, "we have to play the hand that we are dealt."

     I am older now and have spent time reflecting on the past.  Would I have done things differently, of course, but I made the best decisions that I knew how to make at the time.  No child comes with a manual.  No marriage comes with a manual.  We just do our best.

My Nugget For Today

November 19, 2017

    Have you ever looked and studied a donut?  Yes, it is tempting, and oh so yummy looking.  It also has a hole.

   This is sometimes like life.  We see a new relationship as tempting and yummy, but somewhere there is a hole. Sometimes we don't see the "hole" until after we are married and perhaps have even brought children into the relationship.

   The "hole" could be hiding in a personality or in connection with relatives.  We are working so hard to keep everything perfect for our children that we ignore the signs happening around us. 

   Sometimes we might even look at this donut and think that it is drying up or getting stale or worse, moldy. Now what do we do? Some of us keep trying to keep the donut from getting too stale and falling apart.  Sometimes it is better to throw the donut away and maybe start over, but where does that leave the children and what does this teach them.

   Some people put the children first, but should we continue to satisfy their needs and forget our own?

   My children are adults now with children of their own.  It is understandable that they have their own lives and you want that for them, but don't forget about you. Make peace with yourself. YOU did your best.  God sees this.  If you have the chance, grab that golden ring.  No matter what your age is, there is life worth living.         

My Nugget For Today

Novembe23, 2017

       Holidays can be joyful, but also sad.  If you were raised in a home that was festive, and you had family close to celebrate with, you were excited and  happy about the Holidays.

      If you were raised in a home that was poor and could not celebrate, you probably dread the Holidays coming up. 

     The point that I want to make is--you can create your Holiday the way you want and you can celebrate it the way that you want. Create your own traditions and  make memories.  It's not about the gifts, it's about being together and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

     Enjoy the time that you have with family.  It can be taken away , forever, in a split second.    

My Nugget For Today

Novembe26, 2017

       What an unexpected privilege I have had. My older grandchildren lived about 1300 miles away from me while they were growing up.  I did not get to see them very often, even though we tried to stay close by phone. They have since moved to my area and it is wonderful to have them near.

    The real surprised came, when my first child, had a child of his own, when he was in his forties.  I was able to watch her some while she was a baby.  I got to see her roll over for the first time.  I was there when she took her first steps.

    She is now in first grade and I still get to watch her for a day now and then.  Just being able to witness her imagination and her huge vocabulary, even her knowledge of letters, words and numbers, has been such a privilege.

    I most likely will not live long enough to see her marry or have children, but I have the privilege of being with her now. I can go to her recitals, and Grandparent's Day, and to see her classroom activities.  I will savor these moments, knowing that the bond we form now, will stay in her memory forever.  She will always remember her Nana.  God has blessed me.    

My Nugget For Today

Novembe29, 2017

     There were many times as a child, that I was alone on the farm for hours at a time.  One way that I filled my time was to go back to our woods. Being only eight or nine, I was still allowed to go off on my own, because there were few worries about anything happening.  We didn't worry about wild animals or strange human beings.  The time was just quiet and special.

   On the way back along the lane to the woods, there would be small pools of water.  I would stop and watch the many tadpoles. They would only be tadpoles for a short time, but they were so peaceful to watch.  After a time, I would go on back to the woods..  This was not an ordinary woods. My Father kept it mowed and dead branches picked up. It looked more like a park. In the Spring and Summer, the woods would be filled with all sorts of wild flowers.  The colors and smells would be magnificent.  I really enjoyed the solitude.  There were also a couple of small ponds.  One pond in particular, had tree roots extending out over the water. I would sit there for hours watching a leaf float by, or I would toss a pebble into the water and watch the ripples.

   As a child, I thought I was alone, but now I realize that I had the best of times.  I learned to appreciate nature and quiet times.  To this day, I don't mind being by myself and I do enjoy the quiet times.  I don't feel that I am a loner, but being by myself makes me realize that I want to be surrounded by people that appreciate what God has given us.  I don't want people hurrying around me or worrying about tomorrow.  God has made our surroundings for us to enjoy, not to destroy or ignore.

My Nugget For Today

December 3, 2017

     Do you have a friend who likes, and enjoys, putting you down?  They are always right and don't value, or even listen to your opinions on a subject.

   You know, you are just as important as they are.  We are all God's children.  We have thoughts and dreams just like anyone else.

   Are they insecure or jealous? It's hard at times, but this is when we should be the most patient and compassionate toward them.  They may be just having a bad day. We all have them.  Some of us control our emotions better than others.  Just step back and breath before letting words come out of your mouth that you can never take back.

My Nugget For Today

December 10, 2017

    Recently, a wonderful vacation and chance to see a somewhat forbidden area, crossed my path.  I got to go to Havana, Cuba.  In the process of going to this area, I was almost physically run down by another woman.  In my mind, she was a "very pushy person."  No consideration for another human was thought of.

   Later, by accident, I came face to face with her.  I was very cautious in speaking to her.  It turns out that she was very friendly and interestingWe had a great time, sharing stories, and learning about each other's lives.

   We never know what is going on in someone's life.  We have to be willing to give that person a chance.  listen to what they have to say, then interact with them.  This "pushy experience" turned out to be quit pleasant.

My Nugget for Today

December 14, 2017

    For some, the Holidays are not easy.  Did a death occur around this time, or do you feel the pressure of buying gifts for other people, even though you don't have the money to do so.

   It can be a very stressful time.  So many people forget the real reason that we celebrate Christmas.  No matter what our beliefs are, we should be spiritually reflecting instead of rushing to buy the next present.

   Take a moment to just breath and know that the amount of a gift or the size is not the important issue.  Do something nice for someone or bake something special for them.  Just show someone kindness of some kind.  There are lots of people feeling the same pressure as we are.  It may be the best gift that you can give someone, to just be kind.

My Nugget For Today

December 17, 2017

    Life, as we know it, is precious.  As little children, we can't wait to grow up and be on our own.  THEN, we do grow up and the question is, what do we do.  We make our decisions, right or wrong, and assume our place in society.  Sometimes we fit in, other times we become independent and try our best to be different.  Different is not bad, because we tend to think for ourselves.  Some may think that we are just quiet or weird.  I prefer to think unique.  There is only one person like us, and that is us.  We may set the world on fire with our thoughts and objectives.  We may strike a match many times before we light that fire, but we have it in us.  Sometimes we don't even know it, but the fire is simmering, just waiting to become a bonfire and then a wall of fire.

   My wall of fire didn't become a flame until much later in life.  People kept kicking dirt on my fire.  Just when I could see a small spark, here would come the dirt.  This happened over and over until I became determined and said "no more."  I know that I have worth.  I think my gentleness is a blessing from God.  One doesn't have to be loud or boisterous to become successful.  Sometimes the gentle and unassuming ones, are the ones that become the loudest in their achievements.  

My Nugget For Today

December 21, 2017

    Where do we go from here?  You have heard the saying "drop back and punt," but do we do that as seniors? Maybe our time now, is to accept our life and enjoy our time.  I know that Grandma Moses started painting in her nineties, but not all of us want to busy our lives more , but rest and enjoy life as seniors.

   I have started writing as a senior, but I am doing this as a cathartic, selfish act to understand my past.  Putting feelings down on paper has been a wonderful release for me.  It has helped me understand some of the "whys" in my past.  Some of this has been revealed as sad emotions, and some has been informative.

   We can't all have the perfect childhood, and very few of us do, but to try to understand the happenings, is a big step in understanding ourselves as adults.  Why is my disposition like it is? What influenced my character?  Why is my thought process what it is?

   There are answers.  I'm continually looking.  I have found some comfort, but there are vast questions remaining.

My Nugget For Today

December 25, 2017

    Merry Christmas!!  I hope that you will be able to spend time with family or friends today.  Enjoy your day and just relax.  For the most part, we live busy lives. The norm seems to be "race and chase."   In your quiet time today, thank God for His gift to the world.

   A lot of us have faced bad weather and trying times this year.  We need comfort.  Smile and be kind to someone today. That may be the best gift that they receive, and it doesn't cost a penny.

My Nugget For Today

December 29, 2017

    You have heard it before, "make lemonade out of lemons."  Sometimes it is easier said than done.  We have the best intentions, but putting it into action is another thing.  At times, we think that it is easier to feel sorry for ourselves and our situation.

   I have those moments also.  I am a sensitive person.  It's not always easy to make "lemonade."  Being sensitive is not bad.  I think that we see a different side of emotions than some people do.  Pat yourself on the back for being sensitive and caring.  It is a quality that we don't see much of these days.

   The next time that you see lemons, think lemonade.  YOU CAN DO IT!

My Nugget For Today

January 1, 2018

    ​Someday everything will make perfect sense.

   So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

My Nugget For Today

January 3, 2018

    ​   Life is not always fair.  We work and do our best, but then something takes place, and we feel like we are going backward.  We are spinning our wheels and not getting ahead, or not accomplishing what we set out to do.

     Step back and look at the situation.  Maybe we are going in the wrong direction.  You know, it's not always easy to admit, but we can't  always be right.  Sometimes we reach a stalemate.  Maybe we are to go  in a different direction or possibly we are being protected from a negative happening.

     We have to trust our instincts, but also be willing to look at all of the  possibilities.  Wait awhile and think of all of the angles.  We just might come up with an even better solution.

My Nugget For Today

January 8, 2018

    ​  I have always had a keen awareness of butterflies, their delicate, beautiful, kaleidoscope of colors that make each one a work of art.  They approach life unaware of their impression on the human species. They are vulnerable like us humans.

    I have always seen myself as the moth trying to become the butterfly.  For most of my childhood, I was limited on the expression that I could give.  "I love you" was not a household term.  In fact, the only time that I remember hearing the term from my parents, was on their death beds.  Pity that we didn't experience more love in our lives.

   Hopefully this is not the case in your life.  Let people know how you feel, in a nice way.  Tell them that you love them and that you appreciate them.  It may be too late if you don't express your feelings.

   When you next see a butterfly, look at the colors and how delicate they are.  Yes, we are delicate and vulnerable, as they are, but we have more resources.  God gave us the ability to think, express, and love.

My Nugget For Today

January 14, 2018

    ​ Flying and soaring.  I have tried several times in my life, but was always discouraged or put down.  This is my time.  I don't know what it will be yet, but I will be good, even great at something.  My strength is coming from God.  He knows my heart and He knows that I need to be good at something in order to become confident in myself.  I have always felt that I was sort of good at many things, but now God knows that I want to be great at something and He is going to walk beside me to accomplish that.

   I don't know what the future holds, but God will give me direction and purpose.  Let's fly and soar together.

My Nugget For Today

January 17, 2018

    What is love?  When I was young, love to me, was someone showing you attention and affection.  I didn't know that was just physical.

   Now in my senior years, I know that love is a shared feeling and consideration between two people.  Love is being concerned for each others safety and well being.  Love is nurturing and supportive.  Love is listening even though it may not be your opinion or view point.  Love is comforting and caring in the worst and best of times.  Love is being there for each other, believing in each other.  Love is a gift.  When there is mutual respect and confidence in each other, oh how beautiful life can be.

My Nugget For Today

January 20, 2018

    Have you noticed that after the dark of night comes the light of day?  This is what occurs in our life.  The darkness seems so dark at times and we think that we will never see the light again.  I have said in the past, that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but is it a freight train coming toward me? 

   I have been through a lot.  Many have been through a lot worse.  There is hope and wonderful light at the end of the tunnel.  There is life after troubles.  We don't want to make a decision that would be a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  God has a plan.  We just have to wait sometimes, to see what that plan is.

My Nugget For Today

January 23, 2018

    Have you ever wondered, what is my place in this world, and how do I find it?  At times, our world finds us and circumstances determine our world.  We were born in a certain country and maybe that is where we are suppose to be.  We move sometimes to accommodate a job or to support our partner. Finding ourselves in a circumstance like this, we often feel like we were forced into a situation, and it's not always easy to find ourselves and just where we belong.

   Finding a new church, library, book club or just talking to a person at the store, sometimes leads to another opportunity.  We just have to give ourselves, and time, a chance.

   One of my moves, and there have been several, has taken me years to adjust to, but I wouldn't leave now.  I just had to give it time.

My Nugget For Today

January 25, 2018

   Again, thank you for the wonderful comments and encouraging words.  Let me know if there is a particular problem or concern that you would  like for me to address.  I will always give it my best and God willing, I will keep on writing. 

My Nugget For Today

January 27, 2018

   Have you been hurt by a "friend?"  It happens so quickly that you don't know how to respond.  This happened to me last night.

   I play cards once a week.  This has been a source of therapy for me and also a deterrent from the problems of the world.  Being with other people has also helped me in coming back from physical and emotional issues.

   There comes a time when a person has to preserve the emotional dignity of oneself and depart from the hurtful ways of others.  Maybe they do have problems and you want to be there for them, but you also have to decide what is best for you.  Maybe it is to distance yourself from the situation.

   That is what I am going to do.  I feel that it will be a relief for me as I won't feel like I am walking on eggshells.  I hope that the relationship that I have with the other women doesn't suffer, but this is what I have to do.  God will guide me.

My Nugget For Today

January 30, 2018

   The life of a senior-ager.  Do you ever feel that life has passed by you? From a woman's point of view, I spent most of my adult life doing for, and helping others.

   When I first got married, I thought that I was suppose to take care of my husband.  Wrong.  We were suppose to grow together and learn how to make each other happy.

   Then came children.  You cook, clean, run them to practice, take them to lessons and go to school functions. On and on and on.  You loose yourself.

   Then comes the time that they are in school and maybe you can get a part time job to supplement their needs and desires.  Sounds good, but days off and summer breaks, brings a new kind of problem.  They still disagree and fight and call you at work, over and over and over.

   Then almost magically, they graduate from school.  Before you know it, they are getting married.  You may still be working and  learning to live with the empty nest, but soon you get AARP literature. Welcome to being a senior-ager. Once you come to terms with the life that has flown by, you start to realize that this is the best time of your life.  You can watch TV when you want.  You can go where you want.  Eat when you want. Sleep when you want. Listen to the music that you haven't heard for years.  There are wonderful things to look forward to in your senior life.  Thank God that you have made it this far.  Enjoy yourself---you deserve it.

My Nugget For Today

February 3, 2018

   Do you know of someone who is, or are you a procrastinator?  This is something that I have trouble with.  In the past I have never made New Year's resolutions because I didn't keep them, but this year I did.  I was determined not to procrastinate on things that needed to be done.    

    Picking up the house has never been a problem for me, but cleaning, doing laundry, going to the store, going through the mail, cleaning the litter box, has been a problem.  Fun things are always easier to do. 

   We all have to find what works for us.  I am getting so much better.  Just once a day I do something right away that could be put off until another time.  Be proud of yourself for doing this.  It DOES feel good.

My Nugget For Today

February 5, 2018

   Loneliness is a complicated thing.  Some people are lonely because they choose that way of life.  They don't associate with other humans by choice.  Some people are lonely because they have been forgotten by their family.  Some are lonely because "friends" see them as a threat to their ego.  They wouldn't want to be seen with someone on a walker or cane.  Most of these lonely people have interesting words to communicate with, but no one to listen to them.

   In this day of technology, a phone call is just a second away.  We don't even need to write a letter (what's that), but even a card letting someone know that you are thinking of them is appreciated.  Buying several cards at a time (I suggest the Dollar Store) to have on hand is convenient, so that you can send a card whenever you are thinking of that person.

   We all need to be better at this simple courtesy and need.  Something so simple can make such a difference in some one's life.  We may not even realize that someone is lonely, but we just may be in that situation ourselves one day.

My Nugget For Today

February 10, 2018

                               A little more about me. 


    I have been thinking about this for sometime.  I hope that this will be encouraging and uplifting to someone.

   The last six years have been a roller coaster.  I lost my husband to the horrible disease, cancer.  Then exactly two months later, I had a stroke.  The Doctors said that most likely it was from the strain and stress of taking care of him.  I was in rehab for that, but fortunately I was able to recover.  I had to learn to walk, write, brush my teeth again and many other things.  I was just getting my life back when a driver crossed the median and hit me head on.  Of course there were severe injuries and rehab again.  That year I spent Christmas and New Years in rehab.  Then a few months later a knee replacement, and again rehab.  Then I fell and broke my femur.  Rehab for a month this time.

   While this was all happening, I prayed. I knew that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan.  I met a very special person and acquired my own home.  I will physically never be the same, but in a lot of ways I am a better person today. 

   What I want to say is, you can overcome anything if you really want to.  There is always someone who has it much worse.  You just have to be strong and have the strength of a tiger.


My Nugget For Today

February 16, 2018

   TELL YOUR PAST OFF.  Okay you say--how do I do that? What do you mean?  

    I don't have a definite answer for you right at this moment.  I just know that we have to do this in order to move on to the future. 

   The past was submissive and defined for me.  Being told what to do and when to do it and told what was expected of me was the norm.  Maybe some of you can relate.  I was raised in a religious surrounding with a parental influence of do's and don'ts. You don't wear slacks.  You don't go to movies.  You don't dance.  You don't play cards. You definitely do not drink and heaven forbid that you had any interest in the opposite sex, or worse yet, engage in any sexual activity .

        Can you relate to any of this.

   I was not raised in a home where there were loving actions or compliments or encouragement.  When I did receive attention, it was new and flattering and so welcomed.  I thought that this was the best time of my life and I was so starved that I reached for, and welcomed the attention. I didn't even look at the big RED FLAGS that were in front of my face.  I wondered into are a relationship that was at first very exciting, but then the quiet control took over. First I moved to another town, leaving all my friends and the family that I knew .  FLAG!

I  was discouraged from having any contact with my friends that I had gone to school with.  FLAG!   Religion became a thing of the past.  FLAG!  I ended up being the single support system while my husband went to school, played golf and spent time with friends.  FLAG!  Oh, I forgot to mention that when I got married, my future husband got fired from his job the week of our wedding.  Of course I had quit my job to move to the town where his family was.  Getting married with no income,  FLAG!  

   You have to tell the past off, forgive and forget.  Forgive yourself.  The future can be bright and happy.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life.             

My Nugget For Today

February 23, 2018

     Have you ever been upset with traffic?  I just recently went out of town for a few days.  I had a wonderful time---except when I was in traffic.  Is there one individual that owns the highway?  Is there ever a need for an individual to have compassion, or even care that someone may not know a particular highway and they are watching road signs?  The honking, hand jesters (you know what I mean), and words that come across.  It's almost like they leave their body and become this possessed creature. 

   I understand that someone might be running late for work or an appointment .  LEAVE EARLIER.  Even if a person is late for something, is it worth the race and chase if you die or have an accident? 

   Let's think just a little and put ourselves in the other persons place.  Be patient and yes, leave a little earlier.        

My Nugget For Today

February 26, 2018

    Do you have relatives that you don't understand?  God made you all to enjoy, love, support and just be there for each other in good and bad times.  Yes, we all have minds and ideas of our own, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't listen and respect the viewpoint of others.  Right or wrong, we shouldn't judge or question someone else until we have walked in their shoes.        

My Nugget For Today

March 2, 2018

    We all have days that we feel a little down.  What do we do?  I know what we should do--get outside, call a friend, go shopping--these are just a few ideas.  It's not always easy to make ourselves do the things that we know we should do. 

   You know what I have decided?   It's not so bad to have a down day.  Sometimes we reflect more and look at our lives from a different angle.  If someone is always happy and always doing the right thing, something is usually wrong in their life.  How can someone have a perfect life.

   I do believe in quiet times for ourselves.  This is not all bad.  If we learn to be alone with our thoughts, then we have a clearer mind to deal with others and day to day matters.  Find your quiet place and enjoy your thoughts and accomplishments.  We are unique human beings.  Savor the blessing.     

My Nugget For Today

March 6, 2018

    To love and be loved is the most amazing feeling.  I didn't know what real love was for many years.  I was acting out love. 

   I did love my children with everything that I had though.  I wanted to be an example to my children and grandchildren.  I wanted them to see a strong confident person.  You can't tell them how to be strong and confident, but you can show them. 

   Life offers so much.  We can be complacent and just survive day to day.  We need to reach high and out of our comfort zone.  We need to dream.  God has given us so much to enjoy, but I think we take our daily life for granted.  Watch the sunset, smell the flowers, enjoy the people and even the animals in our life.  

   Show love in all that you do.  When you show love, you receive love in return.   

My Nugget For Today

March 9, 2018

    When a friend dies, what should we do?  It is hard to know what to do. Sometimes we do nothing.  I have been guilty of this on several occasions.  What do we say to convey how we feel or say words that will comfort the survivor. 

   After going through this life changing process, I know now that having someone say, "are you okay" is so comforting.  Just a hug, or is there something that I can do, is so welcomed. 

   The one left behind is confused and bombarded with decisions to make.  Just a smile or let's go to lunch is an answer to prayer at times.

   Don't worry if you are saying the right thing, just be there and give your shoulder for them to cry on.   

My Nugget For Today

March 12, 2018

    Today, I have been reminiscing, thinking about past episodes with my two older brothers.  I don't remember a lot about them as they were 11 and 14 years older than me.  My younger brother left for college at age 16, then the Army and then marriage.  My older brother, after high school, was in the service and then married.  They probably had experiences that I never heard about and I didn't think to ask them.  Now that they are gone, I can think of many questions. 

   Think about your childhood, where did your name come from, how did your sibling respond to another "pesky" sibling coming into their life.  Why did they make the decisions for their lives that they made.

   Take advantage of this time to learn more about your past and what led to NOW.  It might even be a chance to get closer and enjoy each other.   

My Nugget For Today

March 17, 2018

     A good friend is moving.  I really hate to see this happen, but it is a wonderful new chapter in her life.  You tend to think that a good friend of yours will be near forever.  In today's world of opportunities, we never know when a change is about to happen.  This friend is moving about 1300 miles away.  Several years ago, that seemed like a lifetime.  Today, it is just a short plane commute.  I don't know if we will see each other again, but we will definitely keep in touch. 

   Leaving family and friends behind will be traumatic for her also, but she is going back to family, a new house and new job.  How exciting to be able to have a new and fresh start.  Be there for your friend and wish them the best life ever.  Congratulate them on this opportunity.

My Nugget For Today

March 24, 2018

    What do we do when the Doctor makes us feel like the unhealthiest person around?  Lose weight, lower your cholesterol, exercise more, are you depressed----well I am now.  Most of us try our best, but should we deprive ourselves constantly?  We eat our salads and vegies and fruit and lean meat, but sometimes heredity plays a big part in our biological makeup.

   Doctors have to answer to someone too.  They are sometimes connected to medical regulations and have to answer to government rules.  I know that they have to ask "the" questions, but do they have to make us feel anxious and scared?

   Maybe the Doctors should show more compassion, but do they have the time.  They are under pressure also.

   Let's just do our best to be healthy, after all, we are just passing through this life.  When we reach our "Home" no one will be worrying about any of these issues.

My Nugget For Today

March 28, 2018

    "Bumps in the road."  In life we all have them.  I had a day yesterday that had several bumps.  I went to the Doctor's office to pick up some medicine--they were closed.  Then I went to the bank to use the ATM--it was down.  Went home next to activate a credit card--their computer was down. Then a phone call revealed that I would have to get blood work every day until further notice--every day.  That would mean traveling several miles each day and canceling appointments.  Needless to say, at this point I was somewhat upset.

   We all have these days.  How we handle them is what sets us apart from some.  I sat down, took some deep breaths, and started thinking about the positives in my life.  I even ended up laughing hysterically with a friend.  In Proverbs, God said "a cheerful heart is good medicine."  By the end of the day I felt great.  The "bumps" were behind me.  Tomorrow is another day, hopefully with no bumps. 

My Nugget For Today

April 5, 2018

      BIRTHDAYS--they seem to come too often.  I know that it only happens once a year, but the time just flies by.  So many people say that they aren't going to have more birthdays, but I WANT to keep having them--the more the better.

      I just had a birthday.  I can't believe that I am the age that I am.  I would say to you --enjoy your time.  Do the things that you have been putting off.  Travel if you want.  Make contact with an old friend.  Try to make things right with someone whom you had a disagreement with.  My saying is "put the ball in their court."  A year later the ball may still be in their court, but at least you tried.

     Celebrate having another birthday.  You never know how many more you will have.

My Nugget For Today

April 9, 2018

        Finding my last love---Does this sound silly or impossible?  It can happen and it did. 

        I was talked into joining an on line dating service.  I decided I would join just to make my friend happy.  I joined for one month, thinking this would satisfy them.  Guess what, I did meet someone.  My "rules" were kind of ridged, because I thought that this was just a fun thing to do.  I met someone who was very easy to talk to, very understanding and looking for a gentle and lasting relationship.  He has become my best friend.  We can talk, literally about anything.  We laugh a lot . 

        He is so supportive of any endeavor that I might attempt and always motivates me to try new challenges. I wish I would have met him years ago, maybe I would have made more of my life.  My past has made me what I am today, so I guess I met him at just the right time.  We have a very loving, gentle, happy and great understanding of each other in our relationship. We accept each other, imperfections and all.  We do love each other unconditionally.

       We all have some skeletons in our past, but the past is the past.  Leave it there and move on. Life is so short and so precious that we need to make the most of each day.  What are we waiting for? We have to make the future happen, not just sit around and wait for something to come to us.  Enjoy the life that God has given you.

My Nugget For Today

April 14, 2018

      Life is truly a roller coaster.  Some days we feel so good and things just seem to go the way that we want them to go.  Other days we seem sluggish and everything seems to go wrong.  On the days that we feel good, we could conquer the world.  On those bad days, the world conquers us. 

      Don't let anything defeat you.  BE THE CONQUEROR. 

My Nugget For Today

April 19, 2018

        Do you know of someone who is obsessed with getting attention?  This is not an easy situation to deal with.  They often embellish a happening to make themselves look better, or sometimes to look worse, to get attention.  This reminds me of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."  You get to the point that you don't pay any attention to them, because you don't know what is real. They always do something better or bigger or more times than you.  I honestly believe that they don't know how to be honest and relay a true circumstance. 

        We have to be tolerant of this even though it certainly is not easy.  We have to make our own decision on how to react.

         Smiling or humming has always been my "go to" reaction.  Sometimes not saying anything is the best answer.  (Also try this with  your children.  It makes them wonder what Mom is really thinking.)

My Nugget For Today

April 25, 2018

        Maybe it's just me, but it seems like everything is different on a Friday.  I don't get the mail on a Friday, because there is always a bill or a letter letting me know of a problem, or worse yet, something that has been canceled.  Getting hold of a Doctor on a Friday is almost impossible. Why do we always get sick on a Friday?  Does the Hippocratic Oath still cover a Doctor's obligation?

        You probably can guess by now, that I have been sick. I am better now, by the help of God and advice from trained love ones and deductions on my part.  After contacting a Dr.'s office Friday morning at 9:00, I received a call back Monday morning and was told to go to the ER.  Thank goodness I already felt better.

         Hopefully this was an isolated incident.  We have to think for ourselves.  Come to our own conclusions.  Do our own investigating.

We have to make sure that we are informed and  know about medications and procedures.  Several years ago a Doctor told me to look at the plaque on his wall.  It stated that he was "in the practice of medicine,"  he was not perfect.  We have to remember this. 

My Nugget For Today

April 30, 2018

        The other day, the management company where I live, had someone power washing my building.  I got to thinking--wouldn't it be nice if we could power wash our life.  If we could just wash away everything that we didn't like or that went wrong in our life.  Wouldn't it be refreshing to say goodbye to those negative happenings.  Well, that's not going to happen, so let's find the good in these happenings.  Who we are today is because of the past and we are a good product of everything that has taken place.  Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, me included.  Pat yourself on your back.  We can handle whatever comes our way. 

        God doesn't give us more than what we can handle.  He loves us that much.

My Nugget For Today

May 5, 2018

        Dreams -- we all have them, but it's not always easy to reach for them.  This website has given me courage to try something else that I have always dreamed of.  I am going to write a book.  You noticed that I didn't say that I was going to try or that I was thinking about it -- I AM going to do this. It may take me some time, but it will happen. 

       The other morning, I woke up with a title and the beginning sentence of my book in my thoughts. It just kept going over and over in my mind, so I got up and went to the computer.  I will keep writing my thoughts and memories. It will come together at some point.

       Don't be afraid to try.  I have waited so long to try something new.  We CAN do this.  We may have set backs, but let's keep moving forward.  As I have said before---don't look back.  YOU are not going that way.

My Nugget For Today

May 11, 2018

        Honesty is a word that is not prevalent in most people's vocabularies anymore. Sometimes it is hard to be honest, but so appreciated by most. It seems better to be honest about a situation than to have the other person involved, thinking negative thoughts.

        Integrity and honesty are virtues that make a person who they are.  I have known people that lie even when they don't have to.  I think that they have lied so many times that they don't know how to be truthful or honest.

        I'm not sure of what to do in this circumstance.  Do we confront the person or do we forget it.

        We must always be honest ourselves and be an example.  Maybe by being an example, they will see that honesty doesn't hurt and that it is a virtue.  It certainly is appreciated.


My Nugget For Today

May 14, 2018

        We are all in a different Season of life and we never know what is just around the corner.  Worry, concern, relationships, health and issues of all dimensions can change our lives .  We never know what the next day might bring.  We are better because of our past.  The future and events that will unfold for us, will also better us. We will be wiser and we will know that we have handled the past--we CAN handle the future.

        Most likely we have all had struggles of one kind or another.  Life certainly doesn't seem perfect.  Some days are harder than others, but let the past be the past and we will move forward.


My Nugget For Today

May 20, 2018

        Reading the statement on the picture is so powerful. We always have to be considerate of the other persons feelings, but we have to be ourselves.  We have to convey how we feel, right or wrong.  Like the saying goes-- those who mind don't matter.

       There are people who delight in saying hurtful things.  I don't feel that they are being themselves.  I just think that they want and need the attention.  There are times that we don't dare say what we are thinking, somethings are better left unsaid.  We don't want to hurt someone.

       Just remember--"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don' t mind." --------

       Dr. Seuss

My Nugget For Today

May 23, 2018

       Thank you to all who have written to me, thank you so much.  Your kind words are an encouragement to me, as well as I hope mine are to you.

        Keep reading, sending your thoughts, and God willing I will keep on writing.

My Nugget For Today

May 25, 2018

        "My way or the highway."  Have you ever heard that before?  So many people feel that "their" way is the only way to accomplish something. That is far from the truth.  In almost every circumstance there is more than one way.  There is more than one way to get to a location.  More than one way to shop or clean.  Then there is cooking, you can try a dish so many ways.  I was told as a child that there was only one way to get to heaven. I know now that isn't true.  Every religion is trying to get to heaven, just in different ways.

       Develop your own way of doing things. What is right for one person is not always right for another.  Develop your way, that makes you unique.  We are all unique people----embrace it.

My Nugget For Today

May 31, 2018

        We all have a storm in our life, whether it is in the past or just now brewing.  Sometimes that storm is with ourselves.  Problems are sometimes forced upon us and other times we construct our own.  Storms are short lived at times and other times we feel like the torrential aggravation will never end.

         JUST BREATH--at some point, as in all storms, the disturbance will go away.  We tend to get so emotionally involved that we don't take time to step back and look at the whole picture.  There is always a calm after a storm.  Learn from the lightening and thunder--and don't forget to BREATH.  

My Nugget For Today

June 5, 2018

        Did you flunk the "Mind Reading" course?  I did.  There are people whom automatically think that you know what they mean, even when they don't say it.  This can cause so many problems.  You may think that you are hearing what they are saying, but it might be the opposite of what they really mean. 

        Communication is becoming a lost art. I feel that people have become so dependent on technology that they don't know how to communicate.  We have to be able to say what we are thinking, but in a nice way, so that the other person knows what we mean.  Thoughts and communication are being lost to a cell phone or computer.

         Remember, we can't read the minds of others and they can't read ours.  It is kind of scary though with artificial intelligence (AI) on the rise. There may come a time when mind reading will be the norm.  I guess we will just have to be careful of what we are thinking.  LOL

My Nugget For Today

June 10, 2018

        We have had plenty of dark clouds lately.  Storms or rain almost every day.  Some people only see "dark clouds" though.  They are always pessimistic instead of being optimistic.  Sometimes all that you hear are negative words.  You know that their life is even more miserable,  because of only seeing the "dark clouds." 

         There are good and positive moments in every situation.  Even if you meet a person that is dressed really "creatively", you still might see the pretty and interesting color that they have on.  I will admit, I have seen some newborn babies that aren't so cute, but they are always so sweet and what a blessing to have a gift from God.  POSITIVE. 

        Try to always find something good and positive in everything.  It's not always easy.  If we stop and think of what we would like to have said to ourselves, we just might see the sun come through those dark clouds.

My Nugget For Today

June 12, 2018

        If people would only love as unconditionally as some animals, what a great world we would have.  Animals don't care about physical inabilities.  They don't care if our clothes match.  They don't even care if we live in a place with one room or ten rooms.  They just care about us.

        Yes, we do have to provide for them, they depend on that.  We have food and water for them.  We walk them or keep their litter box clean.  In return they "just love" us.

        If people would  "just love."  Most people have conditions attached to their love.  We see this in government, marriage, friendships and other human interactions.  A lot of these conditions are motivated by their own desire.

        Back to animals--my cat inspired me to write this.  Taffy is her name.  She watches out for me.  If I leave, then when I get back she comes to the door to greet me.  She loves and accepts me unconditionally.  Animals hear the voice of God and are happy just to be.  Hopefully the world will learn.

         (The picture is of my cat Taffy.)

My Nugget For Today

June 17, 2018

        Life is like solitaire.  We play the cards that we are dealt.  Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.  Sometimes we play it alone, but we keep playing.

        I have played the card game many times, but never thought of it like my life before.  Some days we win in our endeavors.  Other days it seems like everything goes wrong no matter how hard we try.

        Never give up though.  The next move just might be the one that changes your life.

My Nugget For Today

June 22, 2018

       The size of your house doesn't make a difference, (to most people.) The size of your car doesn't matter---then why does the size of YOU matter to some people.  After spending most of my life being called chubby, overweight, large framed and big, I have come to the  conclusion that dealing with extra weight is mostly hereditary.  I don't have anything to back up my theory, just my feeling.  Being reasonable about what we put into our bodies, being healthy, exercising (not my best virtue), appreciating who we are and respecting ourselves is the most important thing.

        What if I am a size fourteen-sixteen.  What if I wear extra large tops in some cases.  What I am on the outside does not determine what I am on the inside.

        Learn to love yourself and know that YOU are a wonderful contribution to this world.

My Nugget For Today

June 28, 2018

      Inconsiderate people are all around us, but an inconsiderate business?  How do they expect to stay in business if they don't practice the Golden Rule.  Keeping an appointment or doing what they said they would do should be a priority.  Maybe I am too sensitive or is this accepted today?  Technology is too advanced.  A phone call, text or email is available and almost instantaneous.

      I don't think that I am the only one experiencing this.  I do offer a solution for you though.  Don't act immediately.  Think about it and come up with a plan that makes YOU look like the rational one.  There is an old saying---you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.  Be sweet in your response.  It makes you feel better knowing that you have been calm, cool and collected.   

My Nugget For Today

July 9, 2018

      Do you really listen when you hear?  So much of the time we aren't and we are thinking about something else.  A person doesn't just talk to hear themselves, they are saying something that they want us to hear ---so listen carefully.  A real pet peeve of mine is when I am talking and someone cuts me off .  Don't be afraid to, in a nice way, say " would you mind letting me finish what I was saying."  Why do other people assume that they know what you are going to say?

        Be courteous of others and don't interrupt them.  We sometimes don't realize that we do this.  Make sure that you are LISTENING.

My Nugget For Today

July 16, 2018

       "STRESS" is a word that can be used for many stituations.  I don't even know how to describe stress, but I just know when I am dealing with it.  And right now I am.  True, this is not life and death stress, I am only getting new carpet.  The preparation is not easy though and  especially for a somewhat handicapped person. 

        We are all faced with a stressful situation at some point in our lives,  it's how we handle it that makes the difference.  I have mentioned it before, we have to breathe and say to ourselves--this too shall pass.

        It's hard to look beyond the stress that we are experiencing, but we will make it and most of the time we bring it on ourselves.  God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but sometimes WE DO.

My Nugget For Today

July 22, 2018

       We all have those days--I'll call them rainy days.  It seems like the sun will never shine.  The thunder gets louder and the lightening comes bolting across the sky.  We don't know what to do or where to turn.

        You know, the sun doesn't shine every day.  But it doesn't rain everyday either.  Let's get better at taking the bad with the good . The "good"  is just around the corner.

My Nugget For Today

July 27, 2018

       We are always going to meet someone with more knowledge than we have obtained.  Does that make us less of a person?  Of course not.  We are all individuals and have been made by the Master.  We all have our thoughts and ideas and they will always be ours.  We have been given the ability to think and determine our own thoughts. 

        Hopefully we will always continue to learn and mentally produce ideas and put those ideas into action. 

        We have to learn to be the best that we can be.  If we are happy and content with our own selves, then the people around us will also be happy and content.  BE YOURSELF. 

My Nugget For Today

July 31, 2018

       Being misunderstood is an unfortunate happening.  People don't always give us the chance to explain ourselves and sometimes just "being" gives off a certain persona that is misunderstood.

        I have been told that I sometimes seem distant and uncaring, prim and proper.  The fact is, I am quiet and somewhat shy. I don't feel that I need to be loud or domineering or controlling.  Remember what we were told as kids---you are to be seen, not heard.

        Maybe we are all misunderstood at times.  We just have to be true to ourselves and how we feel.  As I have said previously---the ones that matter don't care and the ones who care don't matter. As long as you understand yourself, that is what matters.

My Nugget For Today

August 3, 2018

       It's raining here right now.  There are all kinds of rain in our life.  Some emotional, some physical, some natural.  The natural rain is a pleasant way to relax.  The surroundings look greener and the air smells wonderful.  When there is emotional or physical rain to deal with, we see the storms and can't see through the raindrops or see the beauty around us.  Sometimes the rain only lasts for a few minutes.  Other times it seems like the rain will never stop, but then we see a rainbow in the sky and our life gets brighter.

        Wait out the rain before making decisions.  Stop and take time to see the beauty around you and smell the fresh air.  It may be raining today, but tomorrow the sun may be shinning, and even brighter than you imagined.

My Nugget For Today

August 9, 2018

       It is so annoying, when dealing with computer "experts," that they think that everyone is on the same computer level as they are.  They rattle off computer terms that I have never heard of, and I'm not so sure that I want to know.  I am a "hands on" person.  If I can do something myself or at least see it, only then do I understand and remember.  Hopefully I am not the only person with this approach to a situation.

       If you are someone that is very knowledgeable about computers, please have patience with us who don't know.  I asked someone recently to "speak my language" and to please slow down.  In a nice way of course.

       We all can't know everything about every subject.  There are classes out there on almost everything.  I guess I need to better myself in this computer area. Let's all try to better ourselves.  Recently I have been using the local library more. There are books on every subject and the people that work there are so helpful.

       Don't limit yourself.  We have to "BLOOM" and "LEARN."


My Nugget For Today

August 18, 2018

       A few days have gone by since I last posted on the website.  I made an unplanned visit to the hospital.  (I guess most of the time the visits are not planned.)  Everything is fine, but I learned several lessons.  First, most people are very nice if you are nice.  If you smile, they will smile.  No one wants to be a patient in the hospital, but I am so glad that the hospital, Doctors and Nurses are there.

        The Paramedics also where very nice and they also taught me a lesson.  I had never called them before for myself.  Not only were they so nice, they also gave me some reprimands for not calling them sooner.  They stated that they were there to help and that health events can change in a second---SO NEVER WAIT.

        Never hesitate to talk to the nurses and other people working in the hospital.  I have a feeling that most patients do not seem interested in them.  They have worked hard and have sacrificed to get where they are.  They have done this because they want to make people better and to be of help to you.

         Hopefully I will get back to writing a little more often.  God brought me through this event and with a plan in mind. 


My Nugget For Today

August 21, 2018

       We look at a flower garden.  We see an array of beautiful colors and different types of flowers.  Look at these flowers as people.  We are all different shapes and colors.  Flowers don't all bloom at the same time and neither do we.  Just don't give up on yourself or someone else.  Sometimes it is hard to encourage someone else if we aren't, and don't, feel encouraged ourselves.  Time is our friend.

       The Cereus Cactus only blooms at night and only once a year, but it is beautiful when it does bloom.  We will be beautiful when we bloom.  We just have to be patient with others, ourselves---and flowers.  

      This picture is of a Cereus Cactus bloom.  The blooms are spectacular.

My Nugget For Today

August 25, 2018

       If we knew then, what we know now, then we wouldn't have done half of what we did do.  How many times have we thought this.  We didn't have the wisdom or the knowledge then to know the difference.  Yes, we would have probably made some different decisions, but why second guess ourselves.  We did what we thought was the best at that time.

       Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished.  If you want to accomplish more--get busy.  We don't know what we CAN do until we DO it, or at least try.

I am going to take a few days off to see my family.  In the meantime, read back over the postings.  We all need to be reminded.

My Nugget For Today

September 8, 2018

       It's good to be back home, but I had such a good time connecting with  family and friends. What a good feeling though, to sleep in your own bed and to be back with your pet.   IT'S HOME!

        The view from the plane was spectacular.  To know that it was all planned and created by God is so awesome.  The people that I came in contact were so nice.  If you are nice, they usually are also.

        Things change though.  The school that I graduated from was being torn down.  Not only myself, but my three nieces and a nephew also graduated from there.  That was sad to see.  PROGRESS?

        Thank you to those who wrote to wish me a good time.  I will be writing more later, but for right now it is catch up time . 

My Nugget For Today

September 12, 2018

       We can't always control our heart and our feelings, but our mind must overrule our heart at times.  We may "feel", but logic has to play a part in our feelings and actions.  A certain action or reaction may not be in our best interest.  Feelings of the heart are almost always instant.  We must think the situation through and then decide the outcome.  

        The old saying---stop and count to 10---may be the wise thing to do.  Just giving ourselves the chance to think about the situation sometimes renders a whole different decision.

        We don't always have the perfect answer, but WE ARE NOT PERFECT.  Don't be too hard on yourself.    

My Nugget For Today

September 18, 2018

       Money just doesn't seem to go far enough.  It seems to disappear.  When I had two incomes to work with, it did seem a little easier, but now with one, it is a challenge at times.

        I have had to adapt a phrase in my life.  Do I "want" or do I "need" it.  Of course, I can't buy everything that I want.  We have to decide what is most important in our life.  Certainly, an expensive purse or article of clothing, would not take priority over food for our family.  At least it shouldn't.  A lot of people get carried away with their wants, but not their needs.

        Let's be reasonable, most of us will not win the lottery.  Even playing the lottery may take away from what we need.  We just have to work with what we have and BUDGET for what we need.   

My Nugget For Today

September 22, 2018

       Don't let anyone stand in the way of your goals.  Someone is always going to come along who will try to knock you down or try to make you think that you can't accomplish what you want to do.  Listen to your heart and mind.  We were given a brain so that we could think for ourselves.  Granted, there are circumstances that always have to be considered, but we were created to think for ourselves and to be productive.

        We can overcome many obstacles---I know, I have.  We have to be warriors. a Pegasus of sorts, and fly and soar.  Don't ever let anyone put you down for your ideas and thoughts.  Where would our world be today if the inventors, scientists, mathematicians and other great thinkers, would have listened to the doubts of people around them.

        We all have times of uncertainty.  Just don't give up on your dreams.

                       YOU CAN MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!

My Nugget For Today

September 28, 2018

        Just when we have taken several steps forward, a feeling from the past creeps in.  We can't expect to just clear our minds from all bad memories and experiences.  We can learn to recognize these negative feelings and lay them to rest again and look at all of the positives in our lives.

        If our past has been far from perfect, I think that this will happen.  We must not dwell on the past.  The future can be what we want to make it.  Nothing in life is perfect.  Some people may appear to have everything, and  maybe they do as far as material things, but NO ONE has a perfect situation.

        I am writing this because I deal with this also.  No one is exempt.  

My Nugget For Today

October 1, 2018

        Our universe gives us so many beautiful objects to look at and witness.  The moon for instance---have you ever been outside at night and looked at the moon?  You know it is hard to imagine that the whole world sees the same moon.  What I like most about looking at the moon is that it is usually at a quiet and peaceful time of night and we can look directly at the moon.  We can erase our minds of all thoughts and just look at the peaceful spectacle in the sky.  We don't dare look directly at the sun and besides, when the sun is out, it is a busy, hectic and noisy time of day. 

        We all need to relax more and enjoy the quiet times.  It seems like our lives are so rushed and the hustle bustle is happening all around us.

        Even if it is for only five minutes a day, indulge yourself and find that quiet time---just for YOU.   

My Nugget For Today

October 6, 2018

         Visible scars are undaunting.  We wonder how they came to be when we see them.  Did someone have a bad accident, a physical encounter with a person or animal, or worse yet.  

        We all have scars.  Some are visible and some are not.  Some of us have both.  We can learn to live with visible scars, but sometimes the invisible ones are harder to deal with.  Recent scars often bring feelings to the surface quickly, but soon they become a little less consuming.  Sometimes it only takes a "word" or "incident" to affect us in an emotional way.

        We can overcome these negative feelings.  I didn't say that they would go away.  By redirecting our thoughts and doing new things, we will not only be improving ourselves, we just might discover that we really enjoy doing something new--AND are really good at it.    

My Nugget For Today

October 12, 2018

         Eating has always been an issue for me.  Being raised on a farm, food was prepared for working on the farm.  Lots of meat, potatoes, vegetables, that were very often creamed, and noodles were always on the menu.  There was a lot of physical work, but growing up and now, I don't do that kind of work, but adjusting my eating habits  has been a challenge.  I have tried to adapt the saying "eat to live, don't live to eat."  Eating healthy is not always a "want,"  but a "need."  As I am getting older, I can't digest some foods as easily as I use to.  Isn't that a bummer.

        I think that I have tried every diet.  I have finally realized that just being reasonable and healthy is what we should strive for.  Do I cut out desserts---no, but I do limit them.  My desire for sugar has lessened a great deal.  Some foods are "red flags."  I don't dare to have ice cream in the house.  I don't even go down that isle at the grocery store.  

        Be sensible and do what is HEALTHY for YOU.  As you have  heard, "you are what you eat."    

My Nugget For Today

October 18, 2018

         Success is measured in many ways and in many categories.  Some people are successful in business, some people in relationships, and some people in day to day life.  Some days success can be just getting the laundry done.

        We tend to think of success in a monetary way, but that can be a delusion.  Just because someone has lots of money, or many business adventures, may not mean that they are successful in their private life. 

        Let's look at each day and tell ourselves the successes for that day.  It may be to finish a book or call a friend, making a special meal or baking cookies for the kids when they get home from school. A good day at work could be your success.  A quiet day with your Significant Other could be your success.  Count your blessings.  WE ARE ALL SUCCESSFUL IN MANY WAYS.  Dream, plan -- and get busy.

My Nugget For Today

October 26, 2018

         An uninterrupted good night's sleep is so welcomed and so rewarding.  You can wake up with a new prospective on life and whatever situation you might be in.  With a clear head and rested mind, sometimes problems seem smaller.  Decisions seem easier to make.  We can't always follow through on these decisions right away, but we can have a course on which to plan and work towards.  

         Life isn't easy at times, but don't forget yourself.  Do something special for yourself.  After all, YOU ARE SPECIAL!  God made you unique.  There is no one else like you.  

My Nugget For Today

November 4, 2018

         Can you believe that the Holidays are just around the corner?  Hopefully you will be able to spend quality time with your family.  If we are lucky, we have family close to celebrate with.  If we can't be with our family, make someone else's Holiday special.  So many people are forgotten.

        All of the Holidays have become so commercial.  Many people have forgotten the real meaning of each Holiday.

        Bring back old traditions or start new ones for you and your family.  Make memories that will never be forgotten.  

My Nugget For Today

November 7, 2018

         I hope that you are having a "sun filled" day.  Smile and think positive thoughts.  We tend to let negative thoughts creep in sometimes.  There is something good  in everything.  It's not always easy to find the "good", but it is there.

        Be good to yourself, you are "special." God made you different from anyone else in the world.  Don't try to be like someone else. 

        My friend is the smartest person that I have ever known.  He speaks several languages, is a physicist, author and singer.  At first, I felt inferior, but not anymore.  I can do things that he can't.  I am unique, just as he is.  God made us different to accomplish His plan, not ours. 

         Be the best that you can be in your own way.  We have to ACCEPT, DEFINE and REFINE who WE are.

Sunrises are so beautiful.  This picture is of a sunrise taken from my hospital room window on one of my stays. 

My Nugget For Today

November 12, 2018

         Fear of going over a bridge is real.  I know as I have had this fear for years.  The fear is much better as I have worked at it.

        One time, several years ago, our family was taking a road trip.  I was asleep in the front seat as a panicked feeling came over me.  I awoke to find that we were going over a long bridge.  I hadn't even seen the bridge, but the fear was there.

        Don't be afraid to cross the bridge that scares you, for it is that very bridge that will take you to new places you have never been before.  Any fear is to be faced.  It will be scary at first, but each time that you struggle through the fear, it will get easier and easier.

        I can now go over bridges.  Some are easier than others, but I always want to see what is on the other side.   

My Nugget For Today

November 18, 2018

         You are very rich and don't even realize it.  You are a treasure chest filled with possibilities and potential.  At times we are limited on what we can act on and do.  Don't ever let go of your dreams.  Keep working on acquiring them.  Some dreams may take a few days or months and some may take years.  You are you, and you can't put limitations on that fact.  Put your dreams into action.  Don't hold yourself  back.  Others may try to control you by not encouraging you.  That is usually a problem that they have and they are trying to hold you back---with them.

        Be the best that you can be--FOR YOURSELF.  Each of us is a treasure from God.    

My Nugget For Today

November 21, 2018

         Maybe our lives aren't perfect, but we all have something to be thankful for.  We have many blessings, but sometimes they are clouded by bad things.

        At this time of the year, take a few minutes to reflect on where you are in life and what you have.  In the negativity there is positivity.  You are stronger than you think.  There is experience in your past that has made you smarter and wiser.  BE THANKFUL.  You are here for a reason, even if it doesn't seem reasonable right now.

        I will be gone for a couple of weeks.  Take this time to read past postings and I will write more when I get back.   June Elaine        

My Nugget For Today

December 15, 2018

         It was so nice to get away, but nice to come home.  We don't always realize what we have until we see so many people that have less.  I saw so many people with many blessings that they took for granted, and I saw people just trying to make a dollar, to maybe feed their family.  If we have a place to live and food and a bed to sleep in at night, we have so many blessings.  If we are free to worship as we want and to freely think as we want, we are so blessed.

        Look around today and count your blessings.  There is always someone who has more struggles or disadvantages or heartaches. 

        I have a couple of questions that I want to address and maybe you may have some answers for me.  I will post them on the Odds and Ends page.  If you have some suggestions, feel free to send them to me on the Contact Page.  Thank you.         

My Nugget For Today

December 23, 2018

         The petals of different kinds of flowers are all unique.  An onion has many different layers.  We are not that much different.  We are all different in stature, personalities, habits and traits.  Accepting these differences is not always easy.  We tend to have our own ideas of how a person should act and how they should look. 

         We all need to be more tolerant and accepting of other individuals.  We should also welcome the differences.  First, we need to accept and welcome the differences in ourselves.  We are all different.  God designed us that way.

         Hopefully this Christmas Season brings you comfort in you own individuality and more tolerance for others.  God Bless You.         

My Nugget For Today

December 30, 2018

         There are many disappointments in life.  I don't know anyone who escapes this happening.  How do we deal with the disappointments?  We count all of the positives and blessings that we have. 

         I just lost a nephew that I thought the world of.  But I did get to see the wonderful person that he became and I enjoyed his accomplishments.  He knew no stranger.  He was polite and kind to everyone that he knew.  He was a wonderful son, sibling, Uncle and friend.  I am a better person for knowing him. 

         We will all lose someone, sometime in our life.  Remember the good things.  What a blessing to be able to think of the POSITIVE in our lives.

         To those of you who celebrate the new year-----HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

My Nugget For Today

January 6, 2019

         The morning always brings new hope.  It is quiet out and the sun rises to bring new beginnings.  We don't know what the day will bring, but we can be hopeful and determined to make it a good day with good experiences.

         Make it a good day and do something nice for yourself.  We need to pamper ourselves also. 

My Nugget For Today

January 11, 2019

         What are we psychologically made up of?  We don't always know.  God has made you, so you don't know until you explore the possibilities.  We all have talents and abilities that sometimes go unnoticed and untapped.  Try new things.  Take new adventures.

         I didn't think about writing until much later in life.  My friend suggested it so I thought I would try.  You know what---I really enjoy it and putting words on paper has been so cathartic for me.  I even keep pen and paper by my bed, because thoughts have come to me in the night.  Thoughts have been written down in the dark and I have to decipher them in the morning.

         Take the time to discover what God has already put in you.      


My Nugget For Today

January 16, 2019

         Happiness is a state of mind.  There are so many feelings attached to happiness.  I think that we will all agree that happiness is a much better feeling than sadness.  Sometimes we have a rollercoaster of feelings.  It's hard to discern our feelings at times and to know what to do or what the outcome might be.

        We can control our own happiness.  It might not be easy, but we are in control of our mind.  No one else knows what we are thinking.  Think only good thoughts and pretty soon we will be believing them.

        Happiness is contagious.  We all need a smile or a good dead to come our way.  Just be sure to pay it forward and do the same for someone else.

My Nugget For Today

January 18, 2019

         Have you ever said this to yourself---"I just know, that I don't know."  I found myself saying this to myself the other day.  There is so much that we are never going to know or remember.  (I have a problem with remembering details.)  Getting upset with the situation just doesn't help.  I have tried alphabetizing what I need to remember.  I have tried making up a song with the details.  I have tried making notes, but that's not always possible.  Sometimes, nothing works.

        You know, we are not perfect.  We are not always going to remember everything.  We are not going to know everything. The situation is in the past.  Just hold you head up, breathe, and go on.  We usually remember the important things in our life, so don't be hard on yourself for forgetting or not knowing.

                          WE ARE HUMAN----NOT PERFECT.    

My Nugget For Today

January 25, 2019

         Sometimes we face walls in our lives, the walls that other people put up to protect themselves, emotionally and physically.  Most of us, at one time or another, have put up walls ourselves.  We may do this so that we won't be vulnerable to hurts.  Does that really stop the chances of being hurt?  Usually the only one that gets hurt is us, because we withdraw and don't allow ourselves to get close to a person or situation.  We miss out on feeling loved and needed. 

        Changing these feelings takes baby steps.  Little be little we need to trust and allow closeness to occur.  It is lonely being behind a wall.  Let's break through and be determined to break down the walls that surround us.  There is beauty all around us that we can't see behind a wall.                                     FREE YOURSELF.  

My Nugget For Today

February 1, 2019

         One of the descriptions of "motivation" is --- the desire or willingness to do something, enthusiasm.  Motivation can also be determined by our surroundings, weather conditions, feelings, health or a number of things.  Sometimes not being motivated is Mother Nature telling us to slow down and relax a little.

         I thought of this word, motivation, because I am truly not motivated today.  The weather is cold and it is dreary out.  I don't want to go out and I am not motivated to do much in the house.  Maybe it's a good day to read or write.

         We shouldn't be upset for feeling this way.  We can't always be productive and solve all of the needs of those around us.

         The definition of "meditate" is to think deeply or focus one's mind for a period of time, in silence.  Maybe this is what we can do when we are not motivated.


My Nugget For Today

February 10, 2019

          Connecting with an old friend is such a blessed event.  This just happened to me and it was so nice to be together again.  We have known each other for 50 years, but our paths have taken different directions.  Good and bad has occurred in our lives, but we both seem like the same people that we were back then.

        Don't hesitate to call someone from your past.  It could be a bright spot in both of your lives.  To reminisce and just relax is such a nice distraction.  

        Make it a point this week to contact someone from your past or call an old friend for lunch.  You will feel good and they will be overjoyed.  The  friends who you have known for some time, are the best kind of friends.


My Nugget For Today

February 19, 2019

          You have to care, and love, in order to have a broken heart.  If someone doesn't care, do they have a broken heart?  Of course not.,  They just go on to the next relationship.  Hopefully, at some point a person finds a true relationship that shares love and caring.

           We all hope for this scenario.  There are so many people that only think of themselves and what a situation can gain them.  There are those people who never share their feelings because of the fear of having their heart broken.  Maybe you have been there.

          Sometimes taking a chance on finding true feelings of another person, has great rewards.  With great caution, I did this myself.  What a delightful surprise.  Even in the autumn of my life, I have found great contentment and love.   DON'T GIVE UP.



My Nugget For Today

March 2, 2019

          Where does the time go?  Time just flies.  It seems like the older one gets, the faster time goes.  With the start of a new month.  Do you have goals for the month?  Make a few goals for yourself that you know you can attain and then one or two that you are not quite sure of.  We always need a goal to reach for.  Make a "to do" list.  If we cross off what we have done, we see and feel success and feel good about ourselves.

       I hope that I am not the only one who has to make notes and lists to remind myself of what needs to be done.  Our lives are too hectic at times to always remember what needs to be done, appointments, the kids practice, meals, etc.

       Be kind to yourself.  We all forget things.  We can't be everywhere and do everything.  And by the way, don't forget to schedule time for yourself.  WE ARE IMPORTANT.  Things wouldn't get done if it weren't for us.



My Nugget For Today

March 12, 2019

          Some may think that they know everything, but if they did, we wouldn't need each other.

         The world is full of people who think that they have all of the answers and that they don't need anyone else in their life.  There are those people who think that they are perfect at everything.  What a sad place this world would be if we didn't need one another.  Yes, some people can drive us crazy with their "knowledge" and their "stories", but that is when we make our choices as to whom we want to be around.

       We most likely have known these types of people.  Do we  know everything?  No, and neither do they.  Don't let them get to you and don't argue with them.  It's not worth it.  We won't change their mind.  After all, in their mind they are always right.      

My Nugget For Today

March 19, 2019

          You have everything that you need to be successful, but sometimes we are lacking the confidence, to go after success.  We all have thoughts and dreams.  We don't always know how to put them into action.

          Each day we get a day older.  Another day gone by and we haven't fulfilled our dream.  I know that it is not easy.  We are raising kids and making a home for our family.  Our time is filled with responsibilities.

          Take time to determine what you want to be successful at.  Your goal might be a career that you have thought about for some time.  It may be going back to school to work toward a degree.  Success to you may be, being the best homemaker that you can be for your family.

           Chase after your dream.  If you don't, no one else will.                                                                   YOU CAN DO IT!!!


My Nugget For Today

March 27, 2019

          There are times in our life that we "set ourselves up" for an "upset".  Have you ever done something that you knew wouldn't work, and then you got angry at the situation because it didn't work?

       Maybe we don't take the time to think through what we are about to do.  The world seems to be in such a rush and we find ourselves going at the same pace.  Some people seem to always be upset, with themselves and with other people.  I don't think that they take the time to think, breath, and analyze what they are about to do.

       Life, as we know it, can be a challenge.  Let's not make matters worse for ourselves.  LET'S NOT SET OURSELVES UP FOR THAT UPSET.

My Nugget For Today

April 8, 2019

          The sun is shining, there is a slight breeze, it is a beautiful day.  We don't always stop to see the beauty around us.  We take so much for granted.

        I have a friend who is legally blind.  She can't see the details that most of us can.  The leaves and flowers--the color of someone's eyes.  Most of all, she can't read her books, drive, or see the computer screen anymore.

       We all need to count our blessings each day.  There is so much beauty that many people can't, and never will be able to see.  We get so busy and in such routines, that we forget to think about and see the good in our lives.

       Recently I visited a botanical garden.  If you have one near you, take the time to go.  The different kinds of trees and beautiful flowers and especially the butterfly garden--oh my, so peaceful, calming, and so serene.

                  Enjoy the beauty.  Thank you God for your gifts.

My Nugget For Today

April 22, 2019

          You can't be afraid to be different.  There are too many people who try to be like someone else.  They feel that it will make them fit in with the crowd.

       You are an individual and the only one like you.  BE YOU.  Some may ridicule you, but guess what---they are most likely jealous.  Most people don't know how to handle someone or something that is outside of their thinking.  They may put you down or criticize you, but you just keep going and do your own thing and feel good about yourself. 

      DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT.  Do things your own way---and own it.  Look in the mirror and smile.  You are a beautiful person and there is no one else like you.


My Nugget For Today

April 22, 2019

Thank you for all of the email that I have gotten.  I am so grateful and encouraged by them.   What a blessing to hear from you.      

My Nugget For Today

April 27, 2019

          Have you ever been asked----where are you going in life?  My answer is "I won't know where I am going until I get there."  We all can have goals and plans and our hope is to fulfill them, but we won't be content until we feel that we have accomplished what we set out to do.

       My grandson will be entering college this fall.  He has changed his major several times.  The fact is, he has several interests, but won't know the right one until he has experienced them.  He won't know where he is going until he gets there.

       Don't hesitate to explore.  We all get into a routine (rut) in our lives.  Try something new today.  It doesn't have to be something big or a long-term commitment.  Do something FOR YOU.

My Nugget For Today

May 3, 2019

          I want you---TO BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE.  We all have so much potential.  Most of it goes untapped, either because of our circumstances, or insecurities.  We have to get up our courage to step out of our box and to try, and do, something for ourselves.  We may witness a failure or a "no", but keep on pursuing your dream.

        Most of us have had "no" in our lives--some of us, many times, but we are still breathing.  Keep going and keep pursuing that dream.  If you don't do it, no one else will.  Take baby steps at first, and before you know it, you will be running toward your dream.  YOU CAN DO IT.

       If someone would have told me five years ago that I would write a book, I would have laughed in their face.  But guess what, I have a book coming out this year and I am working on another one.  "WE CAN DO IT, WHAT EVER THAT DREAM MAY BE."

My Nugget For Today

May 12, 2019

          Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers out there.  A Mother wears so many different "hats"--- a nurturer, nurse, taxi cab driver, cook, teacher, spiritual leader, confidante, disciplinarian, referee, a laundry specialist, on and on.

        I look back and wonder how I did all of this and worked, but we do it out of love and caring.  We provide the best that we can.  None of us are perfect and there certainly wasn't a manual that came with our child at birth.

        A Mother is a special human being.  Honor your Mother if you are fortunate enough to still have her.

                                           Happy Mother's Day      

My Nugget For Today

May 22, 2019

        If you are a parent, you are always a parent, but you don't have to parent forever.  As a parent we always feel the need to be protective and encouraging and always be there emotionally for our child.  That most likely will never change,  but there comes a time when we need to let go.

      It's hard to let go.  We have been with them and guided them for so many years.  A love has been built in our hearts, because they are a part of us.  There is a time though, for them to face the real world.  We don't have to parent them forever.  Our children have to use their own judgement and find their own way of navigating life.

      Hopefully we will always be there to pick them up if they fall.  Our children should always know that we will be there for them.  Basically, there is an age and a time when they have to "parent themselves."  Always put your child in God's hands.


My Nugget For Today

May 27, 2019

        Put "love "first.  LOVE God, LOVE yourself and LOVE others.  We oftentimes put others before ourselves, but we must love God first.  Then, if we don't love ourselves, we can't effectively love others.

       Vow to set some time aside each day for quiet time with yourself.  It may only be a few minutes, but relax, breath and reflect the best that you can.  There are days and times that it is almost impossible to have time to yourself.  We have got to learn and accept that it is crucial to have some quiet time.  The world and responsibilities are so demanding these days, that we forget about God and ourselves at times.

       We have to change these old habits and replace them with new beneficial ones.  You will find the new habits so rewarding.  Don't wait until something tragic forces you to change.  Put your priorities in order. 


My Nugget For Today

May 31, 2019

       We all have setbacks in life.  It's how we deal with them that sets us apart.  Hopefully we keep forging ahead and say to ourselves---this is not going to get me down or defeat me.

       I have just had a physical setback at a busy time in my life.  After accepting the fact, I got busy and made calls, canceled appointments and commitments.  None of these are more important than my health.  The rest of the people involved will survive quite nicely.

      Sometimes our thoughts go to---I have got to do this and I've got to go there and we think that we will try to accomplish what we have committed to.  Nothing is more important than our well-being.  You can't be helpful to others if you don't take care of yourself first.



My Nugget For Today

June 15, 2019

       Today, count your blessings.  We have so many.  Our lives may not be perfect, and most likely they are not, but if you aren't dealing with sickness, hunger, floods, fires, hurricanes, homelessness etc, your blessings are overflowing.  Today think of one blessing that you have.  Tomorrow two blessings and so on.  We tend to focus on the problems in our lives, but not the blessings.  

      Once you start counting your blessings and realize all that you have going for you, the problems will seem a little less consuming.  It seems that there will always be a problem in our life, but the problems don't have to rule our life.  Count your  blessings and release your worries.  

                              Thank God for your many blessings.



My Nugget For Today

June 22, 2019

      Today would have been my Father's birthday.  He would have been 116.  I hope he knows that I am thinking of him.  

       He was a very quiet, gentle, helpful and thoughtful person.  I called him my "gentle giant" and he was.  He was such a hard worker.  As a farmer for most of his life, the work never ended.  In the fields when I went to sleep, and in the fields or barn when I would wake up,  he was always working. 

        Maybe the animals were his friends.  He seemed to have a rapport with them.  The land was his canvas.  The seeds were planted and the crops were harvested.  He understood nature.

         If only we would do more "planting" in our relationships, think of what we could "harvest"  in return.

                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.



My Nugget For Today

June 29, 2019

      Obstacles are opportunities to learn.  Mistakes are learning experiences.  When we look back at our past, has it all been smooth sailing?  If we hadn't incurred some of the events that we did, would we have learned what we were all about? 

     Life is full of obstacles and mistakes.  We can be so critical of ourselves when in fact we should look at each event and find the learning experience.  This is how we grow and become productive human beings.

     Some mistakes are more serious than others, but we have made them, they are in the past, so we should use this as a stepping stone to better ourselves.

              Be the best that you can be and go forward.  Don't look back.      


My Nugget For Today

July 8, 2019

      Recently I heard someone who was looking for a job say----they won't pay me enough and they want me to start at the bottom and work my way up.  A lot of people focus on the pay instead of the opportunity.

      If you start at the top of the ladder, you won't know what is below you.  Someone I know started out at a bank as a maintenance worker.  Today he has opened and sold several banks and is a multimillionaire.  He worked his way up the ladder and learned every aspect of banking.  Do you think that he could have accomplished what he did by starting at the top?  He was eager to learn and was focused. 

      It doesn't matter what line of business you might be interested in.  Even if you have a degree in a certain area, you still need to know how a business starts out.  Be willing to learn and grow---from the bottom of the ladder to the top.         


My Nugget For Today

July 15, 2019

      We don't always tell the truth.  The truth may cause unfavorable consequences that we are not sure of or don't want to deal with.  Is this the way to approach our worries and concerns?

      This situation is one that each individual has to address.  I have always felt that being honest is the only way to take care of feelings of the heart.  We have to sugarcoat some of the outward situations though.  You wouldn't want to tell someone that they were overweight or unattractive, but being honest about something that will affect facts or feelings is always the best policy.

      How do we deal with this?  I am a sensitive person so I take this more serous than some.  When I know without a doubt that someone is not being truthful with me, it hurts.  I try my best to always be truthful when I really care about someone's feelings.  The other person may not like hearing what I am saying, but at least they know that they can always trust that what I am saying is the truth. 

                                    Wouldn't you want to know the truth?       


My Nugget For Today

July 20, 2019

      Kansas---how are you doing out there?  You have gone through a lot.  I am  thinking of you and praying for you.   June Elaine     


My Nugget For Today

July 24, 2019

       We all have decisions to make.  Some decisions are small---do we want coffee this morning?  Some decisions are life changing, and very important, that might possibly change the course of our life.  These bigger decisions are harder and more complicated to make.  We have to consider if the decision we make will affect the lives of others and also how the outcome will affect us.

      We can drive ourselves into worrying about this decision.  Yes, we have to think about all of the possibilities, but we do have to live with ourselves.  Never make a decision that might hurt someone else or put them into a conflict, physical or emotional.

      Just make the best decision that you can and reckon with yourself that the decision is made, it is now in the past.  Look to the future.  After all, you are going that way---and don't look back.     


My Nugget For Today

July 26, 2019

       Loosing weight always seems to be on our mind.   I have battled weight issues for most of my life.  Well, not from birth to six years of age, but ever since then.  I have joined different weight loss programs and tried many diets.  It finally all came together and I have finally reached MY goal.  No, my goal was not what the programs had on their charts, but a goal where I felt good and the doctor said that my bloodwork and health is where it should be.  

       Something that has worked for me is "visual weight."  When I lost two pounds, I was somewhat disappointed. But go to the grocery store and find a two-pound item  and lift it.  You are carrying that much extra weight around with you.  The next two pounds, do the same thing.

       This time I have lost five five-pound bags of flour.  Over the years, I have lost fourteen five-pound bags of flour.  Now I can't even imagine carrying that much extra weight around with me. 

       Keep something in your cabinet that weighs a pound or two and lift it once in a while.  If you need to, stack up one-pound items as you lose each pound.  You can do this.  Let's get healthy, for us, and also to be there for our family.   


My Nugget For Today

August 15, 2019

       Too many people say that they are going to do something, but then they never do it.  I wonder at times if they ever intended to do what they said or are they just saying something that they think you want to hear to shut you up.  

      I have been waiting over two weeks now for someone to fix something that they said they would be back to fix in two days.   Patience is a virtue, but just how long are we to be patient.

      Do what you say you will do.  At least contact a person to tell them when you will do it.  This will make you a better person--a trustworthy person.  You will always be known as a person who can be counted on. 

My Nugget For Today

August 19, 2019

      Music has always been a part of,  and important in my life.  As a spectator not as a performer.  Music is calming when we are tense or upset.  An upbeat station on the radio or TV always helps when cleaning or doing a chore that we really don't want to do.  The music gets us moving.  I like all forms of music, but I will admit that I don't care for or understand RAP music.  Maybe I am considered old fashion, but I don't call RAP---music.  At times I even play classical music at night if I am having  trouble going to sleep.  It is like a lullaby.

       I truly respect the talent of men and women who write music.  It must be cathartic for them.  They put their feelings to music.  It would be nice if we all could do this.  

       Try letting your emotions out and write them down.  Who knows, a great song just might appear on paper.  We don't know what we can do unless we try.

My Nugget For Today

August 23, 2019

   THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE.  My book---101 Inspirations from the Heart---is set to be released September 3rd.  The book is inspired by this website.  Such an exciting time for me.  I hope each one reading this book will take away a few words of wisdom.  

My Nugget For Today

August 28, 2019

      Courage is perceived in different ways. We see courage on the battle field, in courts, groups standing up for a cause, but private courage is not seen. As individuals, some of us strive for "private courage" in our day-to-day life. Our past has dealt us circumstances in which we struggle at times to do ordinary things.

      Maybe we always had a partner to go out to eat with or to go to a movie or a gathering. It's not easy to approach these things by ourselves. It takes "private courage." We may be so nervous that we shake or feel weak or perspire uncontrollably.

      We have to ask God for strength and courage. The definition of courage is---the ability to do something that frightens one. We can do this, whatever it may be. Each time that you do something by yourself, it gets easier. I didn't say easy, but easier. Trust your ability to conquer the unknown.  

My Nugget For Today

September 2, 2019

       As Hurricane Dorian continues to blast through the Bahamas and on to the United States, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.  The destruction is unbelievable and no one deserves this wrath of Mother Nature.  Just make sure that you and your family and friends are safe.  Heed every warning.  It is better to be safe than sorry. 

      This too shall pass.  It may take some time to get back to a normal way of life, but we all can do whatever we need to do.  God bless you all.

My Nugget For Today

September 6, 2019

     This is such an exciting time for me.  My book-101 Inspirations from the Heart-is now available at  This book has been received so well.  This whole experience is something that I never expected.  This just proves that we can do anything at any age.   You won't know the outcome of something until you try. 

My Nugget For Today

September 12, 2019

      It's a new day.  Life begins today.  No matter what the past has been, no matter what has happened, no matter what our thought process has been, we can be determined to START our life today.  Who knows what the future will bring?  We can make our future as we want it.  Or, we can let another human determine the outcome, which should not be a choice.  

      Grab hold of your abilities and the positives in your life.  Make a choice to better yourself and your life.  Waiting on someone else to come to your rescue or to change your life may never happen.  YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

     One step at a time.  Take baby steps.  As the old saying goes, "Rome was not built in a day."  Our lives won't change in a day, -- BUT JUST START.

My Nugget For Today

September 21, 2019

     Do we treasure the good in our lives or do we take it all for granted? Even when things in life seem negative, there is always something that we can look at as positive.  Even if we wake up in the morning feeling down and not motivated---we did wake up to a new day.  Just focus on the positive.

     I go out to eat each week with some friends.  They have trouble deciding on a restaurant, saying "this" is bad or "that" isn't to their liking.  I can always find something on any menu that I can eat and enjoy.  I am just thankful for the opportunity to enjoy their company.

     This is a simple example, but we should all treasure the positive things in our lives.  If we have been given another day to live, then enjoy something, be positive.  God didn't give us another day to be negative and to complain.  

September 27, 2019

      What an interesting week I have had.  I don't want to bore you with details, but I had my first book signing on 9/25/19.  Being nervous and not knowing what to expect, I decided to enjoy whatever came from the event.  My publisher has been so amazing and has taken care of every detail.  It was wonderful to see friends turn out and I met so many new people.  It was a great evening with lines of people out the door.  I will never forget this night. 

      You have it in YOU to do something special, for yourself, and others.  Don't limit yourself to what other people think or expect.  If you have always wanted to do something and was limited or afraid---step out of your box---and try.  You may not be successful on the first try, but don't let that stop you.  Be determined and let God guide you.  YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU DECIDE TO DO. 

October 5, 2019

      If your dreams don't scare you, then your dreams aren't big enough. We have all heard "reach for the stars." We have dreams at times in our lives that seem unattainable. We may be so scared that we are afraid to try. But, if we try, we just might succeed. What's the worst thing that can happen---our dream might not succeed the first time we try. So, we dream of a different way to make it happen or even dream bigger.

      I will not continue to use myself as an example, but I did publish my first book at age 75. Don't wait. The only thing that will happen tomorrow is that you will be another day older. Get busy, whatever that dream may be. Don't let anyone or anything stop you. YOU GOT THIS!!!   

October 17, 2019

       A good friend and I were talking recently and a phrase kept coming up. It was "Think beyond how you feel."  Our feelings at times dominates us and we only know what we are feeling at that moment.  No one else can feel what we are feeling so we have got to be able to handle our emotions ourselves.

      It's hard to know how to react or deal with what we are experiencing.  We must do it though.  We need to decide what will happen next.  What do we do? How do we make ourselves feel better and still solve the situation?

      I have said it many times before---just breathe.  Give yourself a little time to "think."  THINK BEYOND HOW YOU ARE FEELING.

October 20, 2019

       "When in doubt--don't."  I have used this term most of my adult life.  In some instances, it was for a minor decision and in other cases it was a big decision that had to be made.  Most of the time what we might be deciding does not have an immediate time line so we can step back and give some thought before making the decision. 

       If  we make a quick decision on something that we are not sure of, a lot of the time we regret it.  If  we are not sure about a piece of furniture or an article of clothing and we go home to think about it, sometimes it is not there when we go back.  You know what? You weren't meant to have it.

       We get our minds so set on something that we don't use reason.  Give yourself time to think.  WHEN IN DOUBT--DON'T.


November 5, 2019

       My word for today is "forgiveness."  Forgiveness gives us freedom.  If someone has hurt you, you can't change that, but it is done and over.  Forgive them in order to give yourself peace.  You let calm and joy into your heart when you know that you are the better person by doing this.

       This is certainly not easy at times.  In fact, it may never be easy, but for our own peace of mind and happiness, it is necessary.  By holding on to a resentment, we become bitter and the bitterness seems to grow with time.  Don't do this to yourself.  Forgive and let joy into your heart.

November 9, 2019

       Is it just me or does it seem like the world is getting crazier and more comfortable with the craziness?  It seems like the news on television and in the papers is mostly bad and depressing.  It bothers me that the government wants to take support of our nation and prayer out of our schools.  Our nation wasn't built on protests and bad mouthing our neighbors and the leaders of our country.  The past reveals support for our country and our leaders and neighbors and our schools.

      True, there has always been controversy and debates, but shootings, protests, bombs and the existing hate threats that are being demonstrated are not the way to settle problems.

     I don't have an answer to our country's problems, but just be as kind and caring as you can be.  Help a neighbor in need.  Just be there if someone needs a shoulder to cry on or if they just need someone to be present and to listen to them.  Be the best person you can be.  GOD SEES YOUR HEART.  


November 17, 2019

       The weather effects more than the elements.  I don't know about other people, but my mood changes.  It is cold, windy and dreary outside.  My mood is dreary also.  I don't want to go out.  I would really just as soon not talk to anyone and I want to eat warm food and too much of it---give me lots of soup.

       If you find yourself in this situation once in a while, maybe it's not so bad.  If we feel this way for days, this probably isn't good.  I guess for now we curl up with a blanket, a cup of hot tea or coffee and watch an old movie. 

        Remember the weather will change AND so will our mood.  Tomorrow we can pray for sunshine and revamp our mood.  Do something to pamper yourself.  It may be dreary on the outside, but we can make the sun shine on the inside.  Some ideas are to turn on some upbeat music.  Dance by yourself or with a partner.  (I once danced around the room with a small round table.  Yes, that was sort of crazy, but it felt good at the time.)  Fix a special recipe or order in some food that sounds good.  WE CAN DO THIS. 


December 4, 2019

    Every family is dysfunctional in some way. Some dysfunctions are just more visible

than others. We may not even see the difficulties that families have because, people

tend to hide situations that they are embarrassed or uncomfortable about. Other families don't know how to deal with a problem so they try to hide it.

     We need to be compassionate with family members who are dealing with problems. If they have a child or sibling in jail or on trial or in an addictive or abusive situation, they are dealing with very difficult times. Let them know that you are there for them and that you will always listen.

    We are never promised a smooth life. We just might be in a similar situation at some point in our life. A person to be with us and to listen and comfort us just might be what we need at that time. TRY TO ALWAYS BE COMPASSIONATE.

December 19, 2019

       Have you found your purpose in life?  Don't feel bad if you feel that you haven't.  Many of us search and wait for an opportunity to come to us.  Sometimes that happens, but most likely we have to work toward our purpose.

       I drifted from situation to situation thinking that the new experience would show me my purpose in life.  I was waiting on the purpose to come to me.  Most of the time that doesn't happen.  We have to make it happen.   

      Put your thoughts into action.  Not every thought will be successful, but never give up. When you least expect it, your purpose will appear before you.  You will know then what you were meant to do and you will have understanding of your purpose.

                                           Amelia Earhart had a purpose.

December 31, 2019

       Another year has come to an end.  My hope is that you have experienced many happy and positive times.   Hopefully you can look back at the last 12 months and smile.

      If you have had bad or negative feelings this past year, just remember that a new year is starting with new opportunities.  We can make this a good year.  Think positive.  

                                     Thank God that we have another year.  

January 13, 2020

       It's a Monday morning.  Another week begins.  How do we feel about the upcoming week?  Appointments and obligations seem overwhelming at times.  I do think that we get ourselves worked up and sometimes we panic a little.

       Let's be willing to take one step at a time. Prioritize what needs to be done and in my case, make a list.  As we cross off the list what we have done, we see progress and feel better about the week

      Start the week feeling positive.  And by the way, don't forget to do something positive and relaxing for yourself.  If you don't do it for yourself, just know that no one else will.  Reminder---LOVE YOURSELF.

January 22, 2020

      We have to know our limitations, but we have to know our potentials also.  I know that I wouldn't skydive or bungee jump for two reasons.  I don't like heights and my older body couldn't handle such activity.  But I do know that I can handle flying in a plane or looking over an area where someone might bungee jump.  The same occurs in our life.  There are situations that we we shouldn't and wouldn't tackle, but there are many things that we can do comfortably.

       You most likely encounter a situation every day that you have to make a decision if you are limited in accomplishing it or what your potentials are that you can change that situation into something positive.  At times we have to stop and consider what we can and can't  do.

                                     REACH, EXPLORE AND ACCOMPLISH!!

Nuggets, Concerns & Inspirations

My Nugget For Today

September 14, 2017

      Do you have weeds in your garden? My own personal space (my garden) has had many weeds over the years.
   The weeds tend to get domineering, influential, bossy, and very controlling.    

   How did I break free of this situation?  It took a close death in the family to make me realize that I did have a mind and thoughts that were worth sharing.  

   Over the years, I became more submissive to this controlling power.  It was easier to agree than to stand up for myself and my thoughts.  Even though I thought my agenda was worth hearing, I stayed inside myself.  

   Were my ideas worth hearing--yes, they were.  Was my self worth, warranting exploration--yes, it was.  Inside I knew I was a good person.  It just had to be brought out.  God and a very good friend have helped me to achieve my mental freedom.  It is wonderful to express myself and know that what I say is worth hearing. It is wonderful to talk and to be respected.

   This new found freedom was in me all along.  I just had to have the confidence to trust God and to follow wonderful advice that encouraged me, not crushed me

My Nugget For Today

October 7, 2017

      How does one handle rejection? Rejection comes in many forms. As a child, I was rejected, because love was not expressed in my family.  I didn't feel close to any family member because of it. As an adult, I was rejected, but because of some of the rejection, I put myself down and did not respect my own opinion or self worth. Now as a senior citizen, I know I am God's child and I matter as much as anyone else does.       I am proud of the fact that I'm my own person. No one can take that away from me.

My Nugget For Today

November 1, 2017

      Why am I here on Earth?  I hope that my life here on Earth has made an impact upon someone. I've not set out to change someone's life,  but maybe I have influenced or encouraged someone in their journey. My life hasn't been easy, but I have tried to keep my eyes on God and to do what He wants me to do. Do I ever get angry-- of course! Do I ever do what I want to do instead of listening to God? The answer is yes. It is hard to always do the right thing.  The devil makes his appearance and tries to get us to do what he wants. 

      If we just listen to the quiet voice of God, we know what is right from wrong.

My Nugget For Today

November 10, 2017

     Don't ever give up hope.  Depression and resolve should never be part of a person's vocabulary.  Sometimes it is, thru no fault of their own.  Sometimes depression is a medical issue, and sometimes it is brought on by the people around us.

   Oftentimes wrong decisions are made and we feel like we have to live with them, whether we feel a religious reason or a situation that we feel trapped in.

   I was in the Winter of my life when I finally had the chance to make a break from old feelings and live.  I finally met someone who encouraged me and saw the potential in me and loved me for me.  What a feeling of life and hope and freedom and pure enjoyment.

   I may not have that many years left in this life, but the years are full of hope and contentment.  The next life will even be better.  I am practicing for the next life by enjoying this life.  Smile at someone else for no reason.  It may be the only smile that they receive this day.  Help someone, for they may not know how to ask.  Doing this will only make you happier and a better person.

   Never give up hope, for yourself or someone else.